Vasectomy reversals

So we’re looking at getting one for me. Has anyone had one done? It’s been about 12 years since I had the vasectomy done. Any advice or anything we should look out for?

My brother had his vasectomy reversed 3 years ago. My nephew is 18 months old, so reversal can work but it wasn’t a simple process.

I can’t offer much, except that I recall from the info I got when I had vasectomy – the odds of a successful reversal are very low. Not from any technical issues of reconnecting the tubes, but that your body develops some kind of immune reaction to your own sperm.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong – it’s been more than 15 years. If I were considering it, I would ask if there is some kind of presurgical test you could take to see if your sperm are still motile and viable.

Have you considered MESA or TESA procedures? Direct sperm cell extraction from either the Testes or Epididymis? The cell is then matured and injected directly into an ovum (so this means IVF) Benefits include still having your vasectomy intact (sic) afterwards.

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I know a guy who had a vasectomy, got divorced, remarried, vasectomy reversal, had more kids, had a vasectomy, got divorced, remarried, vasectomy reversal, had more kids, and had another vasectomy.

Clearly this guy was potent. Three vasectomies, two successful reversals. How much scar tissue is possible?

Heh. I was thinking that, too!

To the OP: one of my nieces (sister’s daughter) married a man about six years ago. He had been previously married, had a young daughter, and had a vasectomy. He had it reversed. My great-nephew is three now.

Don’t know what the odds are. You’d want to consult your doc about that. But best of luck!