Guys: The V-word.

I’m strongly considering a vasectomy.
It seems like a common & safe procedure from the research I’ve done.
Advice? Anyone want to chime in with war stories - good, bad, or otherwise?

(I am certain I don’t want children in the future.)

Whatever you do, don’t jog home afterwards!

I got snipped about two years ago. The procedure was fairly quick, and the recovery process took about a week. I think I ached a bit for about 3-4 days.

Good luck. Be sure and go back for your tests afterwards to see if it took–my first husband’s youngest brother was an after-vasectomy baby, as are many of the children in my family. The human body is an amazing thing and apparently the vans deferens has a habit of repairing itself over time. As a matter of fact, my first husband had a impromtu vasectomy via motorcycle accident and that’s how we got the first kid–it only took for 3 years for the vans deferens to somehow get themselves together enough to end his sterility. That was a rude awakening, let me tell you! Given that his father’s vasectomy didn’t take you’d think the ex would have taken that into consideration and not broadcast his definite sterility, but he’s an idiot*.

*Marry the first time for pity, the second time for love…

I had one after my youngest (duh) daughter was born, almost 20 years ago. Never a problem, never a regret. There is the bonus of never having to worry about birth control again.

The only issue - I had mine done on Halloween, and one of the doctors wore vampire teeth :eek:

puts a tick mark on the list Just another reason to be glad I’m gay. I so couldn’t deal with scalpels or other sharp things prodding around that area.

If you’re really sure that you don’t want any (more) kids, then there’s no reason not to get one. I got mine done about 12 years ago. That combined with my divorce have done wonders for my sex life.

Now, the procedure itself wasn’t the picnic I’d been expecting. The doctor seemed to be struggling quite a bit to find what he was looking for, and he muttered a lot of unpleasantries while rummaging around down there. Quite a bit of pulling and tugging and more foul language. And I was hobbled for a week.

I was also disappointed during my return visit for the “did it take?” test. The nurse just handed me a cup and showed me to the toilet. No assistance, not even an offer of inspirational materials.

Nevertheless, it’s been fabulous to be free of birth control worries. Totally worth it, no regrets.

This is a really dumb question, thus proving my complete ignorance, but I was thinking about this the other day while driving (no, I have no idea why either). I figure this is a decent enough place to post my lil’ question, since I’m sure I’ll get a quick answer one way or the other.

So they snip the vans deferens, which is the little tube that goes from the testicles to the penis, yes? So when you get a vasectomy, can you still ejaculate? Or do you just have the sensation with no expulsion?

sits down, wearing dunce cap, awaiting what is surely a very simple answer

You betcha. You can only detect the difference with a microscope.

So it looks the same? Feels the same (from the male perspective, but I suppose also is the texture the same?) ?

I’ll stop this hijack after this, I was just genuinely curious.

Wait wait, one more question- if it’s not coming from the testicles, where is the non-sperm ejeculatory fluid from?

Ok that’s it. I promise.
(I obviously didn’t pay attention in biology when we weren’t talking about my parts. My bad.).

Seminal fluid, the main component of ejaculate, is manufactured in the prostate.

Supposedly some men notice a difference in texture, but I honestly can’t tell the difference (except, as noted above, through a microscope). Aliens could’ve knocked me out for two weeks or so and given me a vasectomy, and I would never have known.

The usual route for sperm is testicles to prostate to penis to woman/sock/Kleenex/air.


I got mine done about 10 years ago, and I can only echo the above comments; 2 thumbs up here. As an additional data point, we’d had all the kids we wanted, so It was the most efficient long term birth control available.
The process can be painful (as I and others could tell you), but recovery is generally in a few days. I was only in pain the day after, really.

Keep lots of frozen peas on hand. That’s pretty much all I remember from when my husband had it done. That and the fact that we were SOOO happy once we got word that there were no more little soldiers swimmin’ around and I could quit with the damn sponges.

It’s vas deferens.

Somehow I misread this as “Be sure to go back for your testes afterwards.” :eek:

hee, hee, hee. That would be some vasectomy.

I’ve heard here and in the past that sometimes the vasectomy doesn’t take and you’re still capable of impregnating a woman. That, coupled with the upthread revelation that the vas deferens can actually repair themselves, I have to ask what the point is. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through for yet another non-fool-proof method of birth control.

Snipped here, and I strongly advocate it.

I had my kid with the previous wife, and did not want to have any more.

It did wonders for my sex life/dating afterwords…

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Regards and good luck…