Vasectomy Stories

I had two. First one didn’t take. Soooo…

I’m an expert now.

Background - My wife was diagnosed with a blood disorder that prevented Her from taking birth control (it could give her blood clots). We don’t want kids. We are both 40 and don’t particularly like the other birth control methods.

Soooo… I got the vasectomy. And got another one.

If anyone would like to be filled in on the procedure I will do my best.

Did you use the Acme Home Vasectomy Kit[sup]TM[/sup], or did you do it the sissy way?

I used a dull Axe.

Seriously though. It seems to be a hard decision for men to make. I don’t see why.

I knew I didn’t want kids so what the heck. My wifes health was a concern so it was not something that I ever thougth twice about.

Just Do It :smiley:

Best $15 I ever spent. (my insurance covered it.


Got mine.

At the time, I was working in a high production laboratory, where 12 hour days were the norm and I’d work Saturdays too. Vacations were unheard of, and even people requesting the afternoon off were summarily denied.

So on a Wednesday afternoon, I inform the boss that I was scheduled for a vasectomy Thursday morning. Without hesitation, he tells me to take the next two days off and call in on Monday if I wasn’t feeling ready to work yet.

The decision wasn’t that difficult to make. Mrs. Tonk said “Do It.”

So I did.

How long was the recovery after the snip? I have three kids and divorced. I feel like I’ve caught my limit. Thanks,


I’m confused as to why some men are dead against a vasectomy. After I pop out a few kids, I’m more than willing to get snipped to prevent any future miracles.

I sort of hope that rather than just snip the vas deferens, they’ll snip out a piece and let me keep it in a jar like when people have their tonsils out. I’d like to keep it on the coffee table. What a great conversation piece that would be.

Coincidentally, I know a guy that had this done a week ago last Friday. Haven’t seen him for a few days but certainly in the five-six days after the ‘event’ he was walking like John Wayne through a minefield.

Also, in that immediate after snip period, he was talking rather gloomily about the psychological aspect – said he felt he’d had something important taken from him (even after 4 kids). Any views ?

We bought a house. A few months later a letter came to the old owners from his vasectomy clinic asking him to come in for a look see. Thus, we find out he had a vasectomy.

Yup, I suppose that technically counts as a vasectomy story, handy.

Me, I had a cat that was neutered once.

Me, I’ve been kinda thinking about it… as I don’t really want any kids. But Astrogirl, I think, does… so I haven’t done it yet…

How is it? Painful? How painful??

I’ve been there and have the scar to prove it. It’s not one of those scars we show off to the other guys.

It was a minor procedure and the pain wasn’t really too severe. My knees hurt more than this after playing volleyball or as of late, just walking.

I had two friends who had it done. One was an obedient patient, took it easy and used cold compresses, and he said he was just fine and dandy in a couple of days.
The other decided he was a manly man, and he went out to do manly things afterwards - he wound up in bed for a week. He also wound up divorced not to long after.
The first friend is still married 27 years later. Not that one thing has anything to do with the other, but I recommend following doctor’s orders.

My brother-in-law had a vasectomy about two years ago. Less than a week before the surgery, he and my sister found out that they’d conceived their their third child, on accident. Now I have a third little neice, and everyone is glad she’s here, but it was tough on them for quite a while.

Yup, Shodan has done the Big Snip. Me and Mrs. Shodan flipped a coin. I won.
No, it is not a trivial procedure.

I am not talking about being shorn of my generative powers. I have two little Shodans, and they are a right plenty.

I am talking about the tugging and hauling the surgeon felt it was necessary to do to get a good grip on the vas deferens. I wound up walking like a gang-raped hippo with diaper rash for some time afterwards. I was “out of action” for about a week and a half. (No, you can’t tell any difference afterwards.)

A memorable experience. There I am on the operating table, naked from the waist down, swathed in Betadyne from neck to ankles, ankles propped up in those damn stirrups, the surgeon, for whom English was a second or third language approaching Mr. Happy with a knife in his hand, and the surgical tech, who was a) female and b) apparently about sixteen years old, fiddles with the electric cautery machine for a moment, and then asks the surgeon “How do you turn this thing on again?” It is important to have confidence in your surgical team, don’t you think?

Then the surgeon felt the need to show me the bits he was snipping out before laying them on a piece of gauze by my side.

Trust me - you haven’t lived until you have looked down and seen smoke and the smell of burning flesh issuing from behind the surgical drape.

Yes, it is convenient not to have to bother with pills and latex and so forth, but arrange for ice packs and sympathy beforehand.

Shodan The Sterile
“Firing Blanks Since 1992.”

“Gang-raped hippo with diaper rash” would be a good name for a band.

My friend’s dad had it done when my friend was 15. Ten years later, dad had divorced and remarried a much younger woman, who wanted children. Dad had it reversed, and his wife was the first man in Canada to have a child post-vasectomy reversal.

Yup, that is an interesting family. Can’t wait for the made-for-TV-movie/Jerry Springer Show appearance.

Shodan wrote:

Sounds to me like Mrs. Shodan won.

I just recently had the proceedure done. The quality of the surgeon is an important consderation. My guy was old enough to have experience, but not old enough to worry about shaking hands. As far as discomfort goes I would rather repeat the vasectomy than my wisdom tooth extraction. Three days after the snip I was able to resume normal activities.


I believe my doctor (Dr. De Sade) used the extra dull, rusty tin snips on me - I have never felt such excrutiating pain in my life. Add to that the systemic reaction I had to the pain killer (fever of about 103, chills, vomiting, diarhea, passed out on the toilet and fell, hit my head that took 5 stiches to close up) and I’d say that the procedure was one of the worst things I’ve ever endured. I could have done better with two bricks.