Neutered Gentlemen: My Vasectomy is Tomorrow!

Just how difficult (or not) is the recovery? The urologist said it would feel like I was “kicked really hard.” Fortunately, I have never been kicked or otherwise struck very hard in that particular area, so I have no basis for comparison.

Will I be whimpering like a girl? Is it no big deal? Prepare me!

It’s not so bad. I think I even went in to work the following day. I walked like John Wayne getting off a horse for a bit, but it’s not that bad.

I stuffed a washcloth in my pants and went to work. No pain.

Welcome to the Order of the Navel Orange. Our motto is “All Juice, No Seeds”

Don’t plan on riding home on your bicycle. :stuck_out_tongue:

wear an athletic supporter.

bag of frozen peas in the pants might help. over the counter pain killer might help.

in a few weeks you’ll be shooting blanks.

I had to have it done twice. First one didn’t take.

Pain was minimal. Gave me an excuse to be a bum for the afternoon.

The doctor suggested an ice pack, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, for the rest of the day until I go to sleep. I think he’s going to provide a script for Vicodin, but all things being equal I would like to avoid it if possible.

Dude, don’t let your wife convince you that getting a vasectomy and getting neutered are the same thing!

TMI Warning –

The doc did my right side first, and it wasn’t so bad. He went for the left side and it hurt like a motherfucker. After sufficient loud noises he shot more pain killers into my ballsack and went at it again. Still hurt like a motherfucker, so he gave me one more shot of juice and it took enough of the edge off that he could complete the procedure.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Vicodin for the next 2 days, and made ample use of it for the next week whenever I overexerted myself. It was only that left side that bothered me. In fact, 1 year later I still have some lingering pain on that side. I think my nerves must be wrapped up funny over there or something.

Long story short – YMMV, but drugs are good. If my left side had been like my right I probably wouldn’t have need them.

Procedure was pretty quick, drove myself home. Expecting trouble, I’d taken that day off and the next, and arranged for the wife & brats to be away. Got home, took it easy watching TV and still no discomfort. After 30 minutes I noticed the 55 gallon fish tank was getting a bit mossy so I scooped out the fish, drained it, put the gravel in a bucket and lugged it to the bathtub for a good scrubbing. . . . . . . Then the novacane wore off. I realized I was kind of screwed because the wife wasn’t strong enough to maneuver the thing without breaking it, and she’d never be able to handle the gravel bucket. I finished the mission and proceeded to be very uncomfortable for the next week or so.

So give it a few hours to decide how you feel afterwards. Oh, and uh…you know how they say you can’t tell you’re fixed when you climax? Yeah, that’s bullshit. You can totally tell.

Nearly identical to my experience. Right side took about 5 minutes, left side required a few more shots of Novacaine before I couldn’t feel anything.

Recovery- frozen peas that afternoon & maybe some Vicodin or something. Next day, take it easy; don’t go for a jog, wear your tighty-whiteys. Day after, you should be fine. I had mine on a Friday afternoon and on Tuesday my wife was anxious to start cleaning out the pipes, and I felt up to it.

I think there’s a thread on this procedure about every 4-6 weeks.

I’m female but I’ll pass on this top tip for the shaving of that sensitive area beforehand – use some girly shaving foam with all the moisturisers and stuff.

Not, save that I feel more responsible.

Or irresponsible…whatever. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell.

I hope I can’t tell a difference, so that afterwards I can come in this thread and say “You think you can tell, but you can’t tell, and you never will.” /JimMora


Hm, Ok. I guess at least a partial retraction is in order.

If you’re particularly virile and have the sperm count of a sexual tyrannosaurus such as myself, you can tell. Most guys, however, apparently don’t notice a difference at all. :smiley:

Huh? What’s different about it? I can’t tell.

Anyway, when I had mine, we had the bags of peas ready in the freezer (two so I could rotate them out) and a bottle of nice prescription painkillers at the ready. Didn’t need either. It was the piece o’ proverbial cake.

But I think if the acronym “YMMV” ever applies, it’s here. Good advice to give yourself at least a day with nothing planned, and take it easy no matter how you think you feel. At the very least, It’ll be a great excuse to veg out on the couch all weekend! :wink:

I was hoping to plan the vasectomy for the thursday at the beginning of March Madness but unfortunately that did not come to pass. Watching the Final Four will have to suffice.