vB codes not listed in the help page?

Just about every day, I see one message or another that has a couple of words in a really small font. I noticed that the vB code help page says nothing about this.

How is that done, and are there any other vB codes that aren’t listed on the help page that I should know about?

The codes for the fonts are (bracketed) sub and sup for subscript and superscript respectively. Those are really the only undocument ones, I believe.

[sub]really?[/sub] [sup]let’s[/sup] [sub]see[/sub] [sup]if[/sup] [sub]this[/sub] [sup]works[/sup]

Oh fine, I promise never to do that again…

[sup]sub[/sup] and [sub]sup[/sub] are the only deliberate vB codes not mentioned on the code page (we’ve really got to update that one of these times). There’s also a host of, shall we say, unintended features available such as dividing lines,
bullets [li], [ul]indented text[/li](which may be multiple lines)[/ul], and **serif font.

To see how I did these, hit the “quote” button under this post.

You can see all the codes here :

vB codes explained

Alright I have to try this:

[li]bullet one[/li][li]bullet two[/li]
dividing line


[ul]indented text, bla bla
bla bla [/ul]

**and serif font, but how do I end it? If I start serif font will it just go on for the rest of the post?

So far as anyone knows, you’re stuck with it. Remember, these are all just quirks of the software, not deliberate features, so it’s not like you’ll find them in the user’s manual.

I’ve also heard that that trick has no effect at all, for viewers using IE, so if you ever do really mean to use it for some purpose, be advised that half the audience won’t get it.

The serif does not work on MSIE, assuming Chron-dude did it in his ‘example’ post.

The only way I can see to do it is by not closing a
'code' tag, but that is not what I saw. In fact, the above
sections in 'serif' are unchanged from SDMB Standard.

Okay, could someone insert a few carraige returns into the above post? I didn’t know text inside the ‘code’ tags does not wrap to the screen.

[slight hijack]

How do you insert quotation marks and other symbols in the subject line of a thread?

[/slight hijack]

You can do that if you don’t preview.

If you forget, and preview, just go up to the line and reenter the quoted part before posting.

As to other symbols, there are two ways. The easy one is the Windows accessory Character Map. The hard way is to find a table of Alt codes. Hold down Alt, type 0241, and release the Alt key to get ñ.

Indeed! Thanks.

Everything you always wanted to know about putting quotes in a thread subject.