vBulletin question - restricting items in New Posts

I’m a moderator at another board that used vBulletin. We’re trying to set up a forum that will get a lot of traffic, little conversation, basically just threads without any responses. For a variety of reasons we want to exclude posts from that forum from showing up when the user clicks on the New Posts button.

One thought I had was to mark that forum as not being Indexed. That will prevent posts in that forum from showing up in Searches. Is the New Posts button implemented via Search and will that do what I want? We may set that up as a category with multiple sub-forums if that helps or hurts the solution.


Disclaimer…I don’t know jack about vB (or any other forum software for that matter).

Do you still want people to be able to respond to posts in this section?
If not, couldn’t you just lock the threads?

This isn’t about people responding to the threads, that’s not expected but not really a concern.

There are several forums with much more discussion-like activity. We want those other forums to show up when you click the New Posts button, but not this one forum.

To compare it to here, I want all forums except MPSIMS to show up when I click on New Posts. Is there any way to set up that forum so it is excluded from those searches? New Posts apparently uses search.php?do=getnew.

OK, let me try another approach.

Is there any way to adjust your User CP for individual users to limit which forums are included in “New Posts”?