VCO3 - Why on earth did you change your name?

Wait. I’ve had an idea.
Um… TubaDiva what’s the maximum length of a doper name?

Come on, is this really necessary? Take it to the Pit if you have to.

I recommend everyone refer to him as VCO3, and whenever someone doesn’t, someone reply to their post with a general disclaimer saying what happened and why he should be referred to as VCO3 and not the new “name”.

ETA: Actually, I like Lobsang’s suggestion from another thread better- just mash down on the keyboard when you refer to him :slight_smile:

Hey, that could work.

AKVHANUYAERG: Your nick is too long.


ASJHATTENTIONWHOREJGHK: You need to change it back.

Whoa. That was weird.

Well, he could at least render it in Old Leetish, not this modern halfassed bastard AOL chatroom vulgate. Like so:


I thought this was the Pit, but I had two threads open. Even so, what I said is hardly worth taking there.

Since an explanation has already been given, I think this thread can be closed. If the ex-VCO3 wants to start a thread discussing his name change, he can do so.