VCO3 - Why on earth did you change your name?

I need to ask. You had a good name before. Maybe a questionable reputation, but a good, short, catchy name.

Now you’ve gone and changed it to a garbled string of seemingly random letters.

Why the heck did you do it?

Wait-- who is he now?


His explanation here.

Which cracked me up when I read it.

[sub]For those who don’t know, it’s a long string of acronyms: TLDR, IDK, JK, LOL, and FTW, which are “too long, didn’t read”, “I don’t know”, “just kidding”, “laugh out loud”, and “for the win.”[/sub]

I was reading it backward. “WTF” and “LOL” I got immediately, and was thinking appropriate, but I was getting stumped once he started referring to Biblical translations, cities in Everquest, long wave light, and dental professionals.


VCO3, the problem is first its just plain jarring to look at, second, think of your fellow members- do you know how much of a pain the ass it will be to refer to you, or one of your posts? Cutting and pasting, going back and forth to make sure you got the order correct, etc.- please change back- its not like it going to give you anonymity or a new start, the cats out of the bag already! :wink:

Just call him TLDR for short. I’m sure he won’t mind! :slight_smile:

I don’t intend to even try to get it right if I refer to him. It’ll just be, “Hey, TDGLOLWTFH, why do you keep asking about obscure porn fetishes?”

What if someone wanted to change their name to &#))##@@_&$@, would that be ok? Shouldn’t user names have some semblance of readability (sic)?

There is or used to be a member with the name Deep Fried with all specialized characters, including non-letters so no, not really.

I read a story once where a criminal was worried about getting caught because of his fingerprints. He mutilated his fingertips and let them heal. After that, he was the easiest one of all to catch because the pattern was so screwed up.

It looks like one of those random letter spammer names I always get on my board.

Oh well, everyone gets one name change, what’re ya gonna do?

He’ll always be WTF in my eyes.

Really, no matter how much trouble he stirs up, I can’t help but feel affectionate toward him. I find this positively delightful.

He seems like he’d be the most annoying and irritating person to be near. I have never liked him, and now I like him even less.

That’s what I’m going to call him, as well as how I plan to treat his username. {TLDR, do you realise that your name reminds me of every WoW geek I’ve ever wanted to strangle?)

Reminds me of me when I was a new-doper. I haven’t seen all or even half of his posts though so please don’t judge me on that basis (not that you didn’t already judge me years ago)

I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but I reckon he keep the name. It may be hard to reproduce, but if he does keep it he sure won’t be hard to forget.

Just use any number of already mentioned shortcuts to refer to him.

And if it’s jarring to look at, then go live in a bubble.

Really needs a QFT stuck in there somewhere.

I think he should have changed his name to Terrell Owens.

Perhaps, just to annoy him, I’ll call him TooLongDidn’tReadIDon’tKnowJustKiddingLaughOutLoudForTheWin.

On second thought, I’d annoy myself typing that out.