vcr and tv trouble

I got a vcr back in March. Once I hooked it up, I couldn’t get any channels on my tv. Once I unhook it, i STILL can’t get any channels!
Is something wrong with the auto programmmer?
Next week we’ll be getting cable upstairs.
Will the cable channels show up?

Possibilities that spring to mind:
~The VCR’s “TV/VCR” button needs to be pressed.
~Your TV needs to be on channel 3, or 4, or whatever. And on the occasions you do that, the VCR’s not tuned to any station.
~If the channel isn’t strong enough, the VCR just displays a blue screen on the TV. Try hooking up an antenna to the VCR, and tuning to the strongest nearby station.

And, of course the obvious stuff like VCR not turned on, coax wires not connected properly, etc. Can you watch videotapes?

Make sure the power cord for the television is plugged into a wall outlet, and that you have paid your electric bill. Do other electric appliances work? Do light bulbs turn on when you flick a switch?

Adding onto the possibilities :

[li]Are the cords hooked up into the right inputs/outputs? The cord that has the TV signal hooks up to the INPUT jack of the VCR. The cord connecting the VCR to the TV hooks up to the OUTPUT jack of the VCR to the INPUT jack of the TV.[/li]
After unhooking the VCR, did you hook up the cord with the TV signal back to the INPUT jack of the TV?

If you still can’t figure out what’s going on with the TV and VCR, the cableman will probably figure it out while installing the cable.

Yes, we watch videos.
Yes, electricity on.
Yes, tv/vcr turned correctly.
Yes, wires hooked up to proper places.
I press auto programming, and it goes through the channels, making them un-red then…nothing.
I even manually saved channels, but theres no picture there, just fuzz(snow).
The cable company told me if the tv was cable ready, the cable channels will show up.

Are you getting the channels through an antenna?

Its a plug-in antenna.

Does your TV know that? Usually somewhere on the set-up menu there’s a place to tell the TV what the incoming signal is, ANT or CATV.