Vegans and Film Products

To begin with, I am asking this in sincerity.
I know how ugly these threads tend to get and it is not my intention to start another.

My question regards Vegans and the use of Film products.
Film products contain gelatin (which is created from animals).

If that statement is true, how can vegans justify film use?

For example: I have not seen PETA protesting against Hollywood.
(or have they?)

If that statement is false, what is currently used in place of gelatin?
I realize that it may (or may not) be minute aninmal portions, but still, the fact remains that it is an animal product.
What other products contain gelatin (or such) that many are not aware of? I can think of Audio tape, VCR tape

Top google for vegan film:

I guess PETA hasn’t thought about it.

They’ve thought about it.

I guess they choose their battles.

PETA doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it.

I need to use my Nikon to get a portrait of me eating a burger.

no offense Philster,
but that’s why these threads get ugly.


I tried to look at the link, but it said file not found.

Nametag’s link works if you manually enter the url ( )

Here is another link, which says, in part:

*In our present-day society, it is not really possible to a live a one-hundred percent pure vegan life – one that is totally harmless and includes no animal-derived products whatsoever – and still participate in the culture at large. Of course, this should not prevent vegans from trying to create the cruelty-free world we envision. But in the meantime, we must be realistic and practical and use our energy, time, and money where they will be most effective and beneficial.

I know some vegans who will only use a digital camera for thier own uses, but who don’t worry about movies or magazines, etc., and I know some (very few) who refuse to use any film products at all, and I know some (most) who don’t worry much about it. It’s generally a personal desicion; you just have to do the best you can.