'Vegas' and 'Golden Boy' Cancelled

The only two major network shows I’m still watching were officially cancelled today. Thank god for FX.

CBS also cancelled CSI:NY, which I watched once during its first season, and Rules of Engagement, which I’ve never watched. And TNT cancelled Southland, which I liked on NBC, but I always forgot about it when it moved to TNT.


Vegas is a really good show. What a pity it’s been cancelled. I can’t help wondering what piece of dreck they’ll put on in its place.

Maybe another network will be smart enough to pick it up. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

I’ve been watching Vegas, and it’s become a half-good show. Weirdly, I’ve started having exactly the same problem with it that made me stop watching Glee.

Every single major character has gone though ridiculous major personal melodrama in this season. Another season of dramatic revelations and romantic reversals would turn them into cartoons. Even on *Glee *that path drove a lot of people away from the show, and *Glee *was half-cartoon to begin with. I’m not sure *Vegas *could have survived the process.

I liked Golden Boy and Vegas.

Thanks CBS, I have about 130 more minutes a week to do other things.
I strongly suspect that what replaces them will not be worthy of my TiVO’s attention.

Golden Boy was absolutely fantastic tonight. Best show I’ve seen since Justified ended its season. And with great special effects (they recreated the 9-11 attacks in a flashback).

I’m used to having shows I like get cancelled in their first season (New Amsterdam, Journey Man, etc.), but I haven’t been this bummed since they did it to Firefly.

I’ve been watching Golden Boy but I wasn’t always sure why. I have to admit it did seem to get better as the season progressed. There were some caricatures like Owen (Chi McBride) as the grisly but vaguely nurturing senior detective, but I’ve always sort of like him as an actor and I thought he was quite good tonight. The only one that was always annoying was Arroyo (Kevin Alejandro).

CSI:NY always struck me as having absolutely no character at all. I think that one is long over due for cancellation. Miami is so over the top that I don’t understand its appeal either but it at least it’s not flat. Have mixed feelings about the original. No one has ever really replaced William Peterson as Gil Grissom but the supporting cast is at least somewhat interesting.

Southland I never really got. I used to record it but I couldn’t really see getting into it unless you were a cop groupie or something like that. It seemed like it could never decide between being a soap opera or a cop show.

There’s a lot of lists online, but this one seems to be pretty good:

I wanted to like Golden Boy; but just couldn’t get into it. Southland I really liked; but it was a bit too intense for my wife. Plus as deltasigma touched on; I was worried it was getting a little soap opera-ish.

CSI-NY needed to be cancelled IMO ever since Melina Kanakaredes as Stella Bonasera left the show.

I see Hawaii Five Oh was renewed. I really liked this show when it first started, but then it started getting into all of these ridiculous conspiracy plots; and I was turned off immediately. From the previews it seems like they’re back to just being a detective show. Is that true?

Like it or not; two and a half men is a bankable show.
I was disappointed, but not surprised, that Go On was cancelled. Someday Matthew Perry is going to be on another successful show.

Only if he stops the practice of wearing that big “I’M NOT THE GUY FROM FRIENDS” sign around his neck in each new role.