Vegas Dopers, I need your help!

So I am going to Las Vegas in March. There are tons of threads here on what to do there, so I’m not asking about that.

My family and I are going there for my cousin’s wedding. We got a great deal for a timeshare out there called the Olympian Palms. Reservations have been made and everything. The other night, my cousin (she lives out there and works at the Rio) called and said that it was in a bad part of town and we might not be comfortable there. Mapping it with Mapquest shows that it is less than a half mile north of UNLV on Cambridge Street. All of the pictures that I have seen look really nice, but what about the neighborhood in general? Should I try to get out of the reservations and find someplace else? If so, what areas of Las Vegas should I avoid?

My family will consist of me and my wife, my parents and grandparents. I’m not too worried about me and my wife, I’m more concerned with how safe my grandparents will feel about being there.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. has info. on tourist safety:

You can also call them and discuss the above, and see what they say about the area.