Vegas Dopers - Philster Goes to Sin City

Hey, the Philster, a Philadelphia native currently on business travel in beautiful (rainy ) Southern California is heading out to Vegas tomorrow (Tuesday, February 12) through Friday afternoon.

If any Dopers are willing to show the Philster around, please post a reply. Drinks are on me!

Philster does Vegas…Oh Yeah.

“We’re counting cards…yeah…counting cards…two for good, one for bad…we’re counting cards…d-d-d-d-definitely counting cards…yeah…Ch–ch-ch-ch-Charlie Babbit…counting cards…yeah”

I suggest you go into the Barbaric Coast and try the “counting cards” line. :smiley:

Also recommended are the Hard Rock Casino on any Friday/Saturday evening (lotsa babes, but practically empty the rest of the week), the Bellagio and Hard Rock (best drinks), and the Rio and Orleans and Imperial Palace and The Reserve (best cocktail waitress outfits). The bar at the top of the Rio (has dress code, beware) has some great views to ogle while getting plastered. The buffets at the Mirage and Treasure Island and Golden Nugget used to be among the best values, but may have gone downhill since the places were acquired by the MGM Grand.

There is a good (but not excellent) all-you-can-eat sushi bar (one hour limit) just across from the Stardust, called the “Ginseng Korean BBQ and Sushi”. It’s in a weird little building along with some souvenier shops.

Excellent sushi, but at a high price, can be found at the Mirage’s Japanese restaurant. If you’ve blown your life’s savings and they offer you a comp to it, take it.

Be sure to stop in at any of the Ethel-M’s candy outlets. I recommend the peanut butter peanuts and the dark chocolate almond clusters.

For gambling, DON’T. Unless you count, of course, in which case tell them Achmed sends them greets. :smiley:

Any other questions? :smiley:

If you require a Dope fix, Kinko’s Copies has public internet terminals, just look them up in a phone book. Most hotels also have “business centers” that they will let you use if you are a guest.

Oh, and go try Habib’s if you have a chance. Some of the finest cuisine on the planet outside Reza’s of Chicago. They are about four miles west of the Stratosphere Tower, if I recall.

It is to be regretted that I cannot join you. Sigh.