Vegas Mini Dope

Drachillix and Cyn will be in Las Vegas arriving July 3 departing July 6

Any other dopers planning on being in the area or Vegas Dopers interested in meeting for dinner? Maybe we could even make it a mini dopefest.

Normally yes, but I have a boatload of German visitors in town and we are pretty much booked up with activities until August…

Where are you guys staying? Need any suggestions for places to go or things to see - although my guess is you won’t be bored and sitting around the hotel room grumbling about nothing to do.

There won’t be any fireworks on The Strip per se, but there are lots of fireworks all around Las Vegas on the 4th. See if you can find a high vantage point and look in all directions starting at dusk. The Rio Voodoo Lounge would be a great place to watch, but I have no idea if they have a cover or what they have planned that night. Same goes for Palms.

Oh, and MegaBucks is currently over $15.5 million, which is high for this progressive, state-wide machine. So if you are inclined to play a few bucks in a slot, that would be my suggestion - and if you win, I and a boatload of Germans will be happy to help you load that money to your car, good buddy, pal, fellow Doper!

Have a great time!

Lemme ask my boss if I can take off work early one of those days…

Hey, waitaminnit… I’m my boss.

Where we gonna eat?

Dunno yet.

We have both been to vegas 3-4 times before so finding ways to occupy ourselves is no problem. We hardly even put a dent in the list of free stuff to see and do. We are staying at the Stardust IIRC will post an update when I get home.

We have done alot of the basics…been to a timeshare seminar, star trek experience, etc.

So places to eat…any favorites that aren’t too taxing for non vehicular folks on the strip? We like to try and do something fancy at least one of our nights there. Dunno what your budget is but we are pretty flexible as long as it isn’t dennys or the Barfett at the Excalibur (we stayed there once and found panda express in the food court to be superior to most other food options there, nuff said).

So if you have a favorite we would probably like to try it or we can figure something out when we get there.

Don’t know about the Strip, I try to avoid it, but there is a pizza cafe near me (a few miles west of downtown), which I can’t remember the name of, but it’s right near a Target store, I know, not very informative, but the Mango Tree shops there a lot, so if she gets out that way in the next coupla days, I can have her write it down, but their garlic chicken pizza is just da’ bomb! Of course, anywhere that has good food is good. My budget would be something like $25 a plate, plus whatever for drinks, as long as they aren’t charging outrageous prices for them.

There are actually a couple of really good kim-chee places near the north end of the Strip, if you’re into that sort of thing. Mmmm, pork bul-go-ke.

My wife isn’t much into hot and spicy but we are willing to try new things if you are willing to guide us safely into a new food area.

Well, about the only thing I know about Korean food is that I like kim-chee and bul-go-kee, so I probably wouldn’t be a good consultant. We still could try the pizza cafe (Fasolini’s- the Mango Tree laid her hands on a menu). For the non-vehicular Strip-stayers, it’s a very doable thing taking the bus from wherever you are on the Strip to Charleston and Decatur, and walking distance the rest of the way.

And the pizza is good. I mean, really, really good. Fasolini’s is no ordinary pizza. We are talking about pizza made using the recipie for the pizzas the gods had delivered to Olympus on Saturday nights after they got tired of nectar and ambrosia all week. And their prices are very reasonable.

If that seems too far out of the way, I’m open to other suggestions, but Fasolini’s has replaced the Broadway Pizzaria at the top of my list of great pizza places, and that is not a thing easily done.

Great, now I’m hungry for a Fasolini’s garlic chicken pizza. With broccoli.

:drooling smiley: