Vegemite --- The Sorrow and the Pity

There have been calls to Down-underers to consider their use of Australia’s fabled Black Gold, because of the havoc it is wrecking in society.
Oddly enough it is not some random right-wing nutcase of a demented puritanical little wowser bent on destroying pleasure wherever she may be found, but a highly respected minister in the cabinet. Beloved Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, a father to his flock, has denounced the Devil’s Condiment on the claim that some aborigines, somewhere, somehow, mixed it with orange peel and made a divine enticing brew that drives men to the brink of madness.
Much like Strupo.

“Adults and even young children are getting drunk on the home brew, which at times is mixed with orange juice,” the newspaper reported. “Senator Scullion said children in some communities were too hung-over from all-night benders to go to school.”

In some instances, people had bought as many as 20 jars of Vegemite for the purpose of home brewing, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Precursor to Misery

In the interview, Scullion mentioned the possibility of a legislative ban on Vegemite in certain communities but said the government preferred for local leaders and businesses to crack down on the problem instead.

Scullion added that he was tired of hearing about “people’s rights” rather than dealing with problems related to alcohol abuse, such as domestic violence and child neglect.

“Wouldn’t it be terrible to ban Vegemite?” he told the Courier-Mail. “Well it’s a precursor to misery in (some) communities.”
Washington Post : Why Australia is agonizing over its Vegemite problem

Now the administration and the media have leapt upon the issue, we can look forward to a quick decisive solution to this challenge.
Sun’s over the yardarm somewhere: always time for some Vegemite !*

Ban Vegemite because it might be used to make hooch?

Better instead they should do what America does with pseudoephedrine-containing cold remedies that might be made into methamphetamine: make them present photo ID and limit them to buying three jars per visit. :smiley:

I was wondering how the heck you make alcohol from vegemite - were they using it as a source of yeast? Then I found this article, which basically says that you can’t:

I would have thought that the salt content would cause plasmolysis - killing any yeast cells present.