Vegemite™ v. Marmite™ - Iron-Cage Knock-Down

Just today I noticed that our local Safeway is selling both Vegemite™ and Marmite™. (Teeny little bottles, but both nonetheless.)

Now, having followed all the threads on -mite over the years, I know that this is the place to come to answer the burning questions: a) what’s the difference? and b) which is better? I wouldn’t want to be turned off the stuff entirely by starting off with the inferior product.

So, which -mite should Piper try? hmmm?

vegemite is by far the superior product. Anyone who tells you otherwise is engaging in blatant propaganda.

Vegemite is much saltier than marmite, and has a somewhat sharper taste. I think marmite is slightly sweeter as well, but it’s been a while since I’ve had it on it’s own, so to tell the truth I’m not 100% sure of that. Also vegemite has a thicker consistency - marmite is slightly goopy, while vegemite is pretty much solid.

Actually, I use both. Marmite for cooking with, vegemite as a spread.

Vegemite is stronger, saltier and firmer in consistency, Marmite is smoother and less salty (although still very salty) - despite what everyone else in this thread will say, there is no ‘best’ - they are just different - try them both and see which one you like (if any).

Marmite is by far the superior product. Anyone who tells you otherwise is engaging in blatant propaganda.

Vegemite is much saltier than Marmite, and is therefore less nice. Its consistency is much weaker: Marmite has a much thicker consistency - Vegemite is slightly pasty, while Marmite is pretty much gloopy.

Marmite in my opinion is richer in flavour and texture than the antipodean pretender. That said, if I were out of Marmite and Vegemite were the only alternative, I’d do that too.

That’s probably all you need. I’m still working on my 125g jar of Marmite.

Don’t make the mistake of eating it on its own, or taking a spoonful of it at a time or something. It should be spread very very thinly on a cracker, slice of bread, or hot buttered toast.

If you don’t like them after that experiment then fair enough. But I think too many people have a bad experience of them by eating them incorrectly.

I like them both, maybe marmite a little more, it’s hard to say.

But what is this gloopiness in reference to marmite mentioned earlier? My jar has set up like cement, a very sticky cement. Surely it can’t go off can it?

I saw a MARMITE license plate the other day.

Well, if it starts to taste like Vegemite…

All right, you lot. I’ve compared Vegemite, Marmite, Parmite, and every other type of yeast extract you care to name , and I’ve come up with the following line:

" All are alike, yet none are same. Yet all are ripping good with cheese and onion on a sarnie."

Take that as you will.

I’d go with the Dolemite.

Chew well before you swallow…

:slight_smile: Grim