Vegetarian message boards

I know we have a bunch of vegetarian dopers on here, so I’m hoping you can help me find a good message board dealing with the subject and all that surrounds it.

Bump - no one?

I like but apparently they are not taking new registrations right now. But I don’t need to register, there’s a ton of reading to do there first.

Sorry, I’m an ovo-lacto vegetarian (eat eggs and dairy, plus honey, don’t eat animal flesh or other animal products), but I don’t participate in any vegetarian message boards or groups. Did you have any particular questions, or were you looking for a more general online resource?

I’m a vegan, but not completely a strict one. I’ll explain later if it becomes pertinent to the discussion. For this purpose, it just means that I’m generally not interested in bashing other people who aren’t vegetarians or boycotting companies that use meat in their products. Since some forums do that, I don’t know much about those.

I’ve been to veganforums to ask a questions before.

What part of vegetarianism are you interested in? There’s the cooking aspect, the activist aspect of it, the where to find foods or other goods aspect, etc.

I’m not an activist and rarely cook from scratch so I just go to different sites to get ideas of different things to eat. Recipe websites work well for that. And I think they have forums, but I’ve never been to one.

Are you interested in the parts where people tell you the benefits of vegetarianism? Plans to convert? Ways to show your activism? I’m thinking that there are different sites for different purposes.