Vegetarian Restaurants in St. Louis

What’s the best Vegetarian (or at least has a good offering) restaurant in St. Louis, closest to Union Station. I’m fairly familiar with the city, and could probably look through an RFT and make a good selection, but I’d like to hear from someone who’s actually been to/can recommend an eatery.


The Tap Room is 5 or 6 blocks from Union Station. I used to get a pretty good portabella mushroom sandwich there, although it appears, sadly, to be off the menu now. There are a couple of other veggie things on it, though. The fries are very good, and as it is the home of Schlafly Beer, you can hoist a good pint there. I love the atmosphere there as well.

Thanks! I totally forgot about the Tap Room. We always go there for the oyster and mussel festivals. They do have a few decent veggie options.

I’m not sure how far it is from Union Station, but just last week I was downtown for business and discovered the Franco bistro on 8th Street and Caroll, about 1.5 miles south of Busch Stadium.

It’s not exclusively vegetarian, but my product manager is a veggie and ordered their fire roasted zucchini and lentils. She pronounced it one of the best meals she’s ever had.

Rasoi might be a little farther away than you were looking for, but it has a ton of vegetarian options. It’s about a ten-minute Metrolink ride from Union Station.

Oooh. They’ve jazzed up the place since I was last there. I used to go to Rasoi all the time with my then-girlfriend (now missus). It looks all shiny and new now.

I miss home.

Rasoi…Good God! No more phone calls ladies and gentlemen…we have a winner! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Many thanks!