This thread discusses, among other things, a mock apple pie made from (of all the weird things) Ritz Crackers that tastes and FEELS just like apples.

So, today, after chowing down on an (admittedly, very yummy) gardenburger, I got to wondering… if they can make apple pie out of ritz crackers, why have they been unable to properly synthesize the taste and texture of a hamburger? I’ve tasted some veggie breakfast “sausage” patties which taste exactly like non-veggie sausage patties, probably because sausage flavour is more the spice than the meat anyway… but can’t they make the veggie burger that really tastes like a burger?

I swear, it’s the only thing stopping me from being a meat minimalist and going whole-hog vegetarian. I have no willpower, I know.

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I’ve had veggie burgers that were so close to REAL burgers I couldn’t stand to eat them (I’ve been veggie for 16 years).

OTOH, I’ve never found anything that really replicates fried chicken, the one meat product I really miss.

Not the first time I’ve heard something like this from a vegetarian.

Unfortunately, it’s never true. I know. I always go out and buy the brand that is recommended to me on that basis. Someone who still eats meat can DEFINITELY tell the difference and the difference is substantial. The lack of eating meat for 16 years has probably dulled your memory of what it tasted like, so if you have a veggie burger which is similar to meat in flavour, you think it tastes like meat.

Well I’m a vegetarian who has, on occasion, eaten a real burger and I can tell you that some veggie patties do taste like meat. Morningstar Farms makes a good one, and there’s one with a flower-shaped patty that tastes exactly like Schneider’s Steakettes (I don’t know who makes it; I’ve only had it in restaurants).

And Harvey’s in Canada serves a wonderful tofu burger.

I just had dinner at Houston’s, and they make the best damn veggie burger I’ve had. The first time I had it, a few years ago, I sent it back, thinking it was meat.

I’ve also been eating nukable frozen foods lately that have “Veat” in them, a synthetic meat made from tofu. It works well as a chicken substitute in Chicken Teriyaki meals.

I’ve never eaten at Houston’s or Harvey’s, so I can’t comment on them. As far as ‘Veat’ and Morningstar Farms burgers, as a non-vegetarian, I can tell you that they DO NOT taste exactly like meat. They taste somewhat like meat and also a lot like SOY which is what they’re made from. I am talking synthetic burgers that taste like 100% premium grade ground chuck.

I think that Boca Burgers (vegan) taste just like a fast food burger. 'Course that’s not really saying much, I guess.

I have a theory of why vegetarian burgers do not taste like real meat: the ones doing the making and sampling of the different varieties of vegie products are themselves vegetarians, therefore they have a hard time comparing what they have cooked with the real stuff (this is said somewhat tongue in cheek).

I find that phony hamburger smells like dog food. But I will admit to knowing a few (admittedly very few) cooks who can make a great burger out of this slop.

I enjoy the flavor of Worthington brand scallops, but gosh they are rubbery.

I can’t speak for all vegetarians, but I’m a former carnivore – I couldn’t get enough of the stuff, actually.

So, I still “remember” what meat tastes like. And tofu’s better tasting. :slight_smile:

I’m not a big fan of meat myself, but I’m defintely not a vegetarian either. I have tried, Lord knows I have, to eat that fake-meat crap. I have tried it all. Each and every time a new product becomes available in our local grocery stores, I’m on it. The thing is, Boca burger tastes nothing like meat. Morningstar Farms tastes nothing like meat. I have soaked patties in Worcestershire sauce and seared them on the grill - no dice. I have tried everything I know to fancy them up, but I can’t stomach it. I do, however, like the Morningstar “chicken” products (although it tastes nothing like chicken). I do not eat hot dogs or other “processed” meats of any kind - I’d rather felch a goat - but I LOVE Morningstar Farms corn dogs.

I think I’d be better able to tolerate the ground-meat-type substances if they didn’t try to make me believe they taste like meat. Make me a veggie burger, put veggies on it, and tell me it’s supposed to taste like a mashed black bean patty, and I can hang. Try to tell me it tastes like 100% black Angus, and it’ll probably end up as compost.

Amen, jane_says! That’s exactly what I mean! I mean, I love gardenburgers, but that’s because they don’t try to make them taste like meat (because they never do it right. Period.)

And still no one has explained to me why.