Velociraptors-Trailers or condos?

Where did Velociraptors like to live?
Forests or plains? Deserts? Rainforests? Hill country? What area of Earth most closely resembles their native territory in modern times?

And will they eat C#3 , Madchef & ARG if we sprinkle the wankers/trolls with A-1 sauce?

Enquiring Minds Want To Know!

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heres an answer from this page:

So, velociraptors probably lived in forested areas. You would find things like ginkgos, eucalypts, laurels, magnolias, ficus, ferns, cycads, different conifers, palms (i think), and a lot of plants that many botanists would be able to easily tell which family they came from, even today (many plant families today were around in that era).

Whoops forgot the link. But heres a better one that talks about some of the plants of the cretaceous:

Some plants of the cretaceous period

I always have problems imagining Tyrannosaurus hanging out under the magnolia trees! Even worse, my imagination inserts a plantation home and dresses him with a Col. Sanders-style string tie and a mint julep in his forepaw.

Silly! Tyrannosaurus wasn’t from the south; his name is clearly Yankee. I thought he lived somewhere in the Catskills, and all that thunder you hear there ain’t bowling, it’s Tyrannosaurus doing the twist.

Now his cousin Allosaurus was the southern one…

Well, there probably weren’t Southern Magnolias at the time :). Anyway i just find it interesting that a lot of the plants around back then, i have seen here in California. Fan palms, Eucalypts, Magnolias, Cycads, Ginkgos, Ficus,Araucarias etc. are all pretty common. I always imagine some themepark in Southern California whenever i see those illustrations of the Dinosaur world :).