Vendors: Question about diner jukeboxes

You know the ones that have the small, ‘remote’ jukebox at each table? I’ve noticed that these are still the old ‘singles’ type. That is, they just list individual songs, while stand alone jukeboxes now all contain CDs and therefore list whole albums.

So is the main jukebox unit in the back still loading & playing vinyl singles? I didn’t think they still made them but the songs seem current.

My WAG is that they use singles CDs or more likely CDs with a number of singles on them. But then IAMAJM.

The remotes you saw were probably hooked to a 45 juke. 45s of new songs are still being made just for the operators of 45 jukes.

Not all jukeboxes still in operation are CD players. In fact there was a contest for the oldest electromechanical jukebox still in commerical operation. Many operators still run 45 jukes in less profitable locations because of the overhead of buying 100 CDs for a CD juke.

If that place goes out of business buy the remotes. They are worth a lot now because most operators throw them away.

My buddy, who collects old jukes, says the romotes bring $100 or so. Is that about right?