Venice Beach guitar-playing, roller blading Rasta guy

What is the name of the guitar-playing, roller blading Rasta guy at Venice Beach? You may have seen him in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. When at Venice Beach, my day wasn’t complete until I saw him. (Or the mermaid sand sculpture or the take-your-picture-with-an-alien guy, or the people with their 50-million-word testaments posted on easels, or the…)

I have one of his postcards, with his name on it (he was doing a gig and was passing them out), but I’ve no idea where it is.

Harry Perry

Of course! :smack:

Thank you.

Looks like his guitar is an original San Dimas Charvel. (As I mentioned in another thread, an old g/f used to have one of Eddie Van Halen’s Charvels that she bought about 1980.) Looks like Charvel is now owned by Fender.