Venture Bros. getting new episodes or what?

There’s a spoiler of some kind coming up here.

In the episode that I think came last, the titular Venture Bros get blown up and die nearly instantly in a mangled motorbike wreck.

Is the show not getting new eps? Was this even the last ep of the season? It seems out of character for the series. Would be a big shame to have things going along like that and then end the show on a note like that.

They were hover bikes not motor bikes.

It sounds like there will be. I think a recent Adult Swim bumper thing said they were close to green-lighting another season.

Venture Bros, was if I understand correctly, a huge hit for Adult Swim, even though they regularly air episodes well after midnight. I had a hard time imagining them not coming back for another round.

Well, according to Jackson Publick’s Live Journal, the official announcement will be in a couple of weeks. but earlier entries sounded fairly positive. He also says DVDs will be out first quarter of 2006 which is kinda a bummer 'cause I’d read November 2005. Must be patient…

I suspect that Dr. Venture will just decant two more clones. There’s a fair amount of evidence sprinkled through the series that Hank and Dean aren’t normal offspring.

We’re talking about a show that featured, at one point, a telepathic simulation chamber constructed from a forsaken child.

Somehow I think the logistics of bringing back the boys is not much of a problem.

Especially since they have a necromancer…

Agreed. Especially 1) The Disney analog was convinced that Dr. Venture had, in fact, mastered cloning and 2) the boys were acutely aware that they didn’t have a Mom and 3) Dr. Venture’s last words were: “Let’s get their clothes and head back to the lab.” Plus if cloning doesn’t work, they do have a tenant who’s a necromancer. Hank and Dean being clones might explain why their behavior is thirty years behind the times.

[spoiler]Yeah, I just watched the Brisby episode last night and picked up on the cloning reference. I bet there’s a lot more references hidden in the series I didn’t catch the first go around.

FWIW, I’m betting Brock’s DNA palys a role in the boys creation as well.[/spoiler]

The Necromancer angle is a good point.

These Venture Bros. threads always end up swathed in black boxes. The episodes aired months ago! I’m sure the majority of the people reading this thread have seen them all. And do we really need to spoiler-tag speculation?

End rant. Sorry. Just a pet peeve.

Especially since what we’re all talking about isn’t a major plot point of the episode, it’s a throw-away gag in the last 30 seconds. It’s hardly going to ruin much if you find out about it.

They might not even address it at all in the new season, and just continue as if nothing ever happened. Really, that would be pretty funny.

Per carterba’s suggestion:

Unboxed spoilers from here on. Stop scrolling down if you don’t want to know.

I still stand by my prediction in the original thread about the final episode (of Season 1?): It will be The Monarch who brings Hank and Dean back.

Dr. Venture doesn’t even like the boys; he’s not going to go to any real effort to clone up a new set. And as for Dr. Orpheus, I’m just not convinced he’s got the skills. Sure, he can do some cool party tricks with his hypnotism, but can he pull a double-Lazarus? I doubt it.

The Monarch’s the only character with both the motivation and the ability to undo the damage he brought about. Firstly, The Monarch is one of the the few characters on the show that actually seems to like the boys. Maybe he likes them too much (“He was getting all creepy uncle on us…”). Once The Monarch realizes that his order to have Hank and Dean killed was due to a post-hypnotic suggestion, he’ll be wracked with guilt and almost certainly want to put things right.

Secondly, while The Monarch is probably one of the most inept super-villains ever, he does have access to Grover Cleveland’s Presidential Time Machine from the opening of the Are You There, God? episode. I think he could probably figure out how to use that well enough to neatly lop off the final scene of the final episode.

Unlike ed, I think this will get resolved. The Venture Bros. doesn’t seem to go for the punch-out endings like South Park or Sealab 2021. For example, I thought the joke about Sally Impossible being pregnant was just a throw-away at the end of the Ice Station Impossible! episode, but if you look closely at her in the Christmas special, she’s definitely knocked up. They don’t start from scratch with each episode on this show.

That was a great Christmas present, that show. But I thought Sally should have displayed her stress response when the Krampus showed up.

I too think the brothers’ deaths will be resolved with them somehow being brought back. The clone idea seems most logical, but this show is always unpredictable. It would be kind of funny to just keep them dead, with the titular characters being Thaddeus and Jonas Jr. instead of Hank and Dean. I think Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are more interested in the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, and the Phantom Limb than Hank and Dean anyway, so if they ditch those two it means more time for the rest. I doubt they’ll do that, though.

I’d kinda like to have them leave Hank and Dean dead for awhile, and bring them back after a few episodes into the new season. It’ll give the senior Brothers Venture a chance to bond.

I had no idea there was a Venture Brothers Christmas special! I found a bittorrent that I’ll watch later this evening.

The whole first season was most definitely designed to be shown in a specific order. And Cartoon Network deserves major praise for actually showing them in the right order! TV networks are notorious for almost never, ever giving a rat’s ass about this and scheduling them based on the strength of each episode vs. its ratings competition.

The only one that wasn’t was the Christmas special and that was because it was made in a hurry after the first season was such a big hit, to give the fans a little something in appreciation (considering its gonna be like a freakin’ year before season two! :()

And again, major props to CN. Before they showed the Xmas show they used the text ‘bumpers’ to explain to the hardcore fans where exactly this episode fit into the rest, though I forget exactly where.

But I do wish CN would hurry up and announce that season 2 is a go already! I can’t imagine there being any problem, the show was both a critical & ratings hit. And like I said, the later they wait to greenlight it the later we have to wait to finally see it! :mad:

They had Og damned well better renew it, after all, they’re supposed to be making more episodes of that wretched Tom Goes to the Mayor. The least they could do for us is give us something decent to watch.

I have nothing else to say, so I will simply cut and post something kinda off topic.