Verb: it's what you do

Why are verbs the only part of grammar that get commercial time on television? And why just verbs as a whole category?

[ul][li]Transitive verb: it’s what you do to somebody else[/li][li]Intransitive verb: it’s what you do by yourself…that’s right, young man, I know what you’re doing in there![/li][li]Hi, Opal!: it’s what you do after the first and second things you do[/li][li]Adverb: it’s how you do what you do[/li][li]Noun: it’s you [/li][li]Pronoun: it’s you, by a different name[/li][li]Adjective: it’s what you are[/li][li]Gerund: it looks like what you do, but really it’s you[/li][li]Infinitive: it looks like what you do, with a “to,” but really it’s you, what you are, or how you do what you do[/li][li]Correlative Conjunction: it’s how you connect things in pairs[/li][li]Ah, huh, third person plural, uh, present indicative: what two or more people, not including you, do for certain at this time. That’s not an order, if it were it’d be[/li][li]Third person plural, uh, present imperative: what you tell two or more people to do for certain at this time.[/li]Hail Caesar. Do it again, and I’ll cut your balls off.[/ul]

Just do it.

Well, not quite.
Noun: it’s Bob
Pronoun: it’s you