Verb that name

Classical and literary names are often used as verbs and adjectives. Jacobean, Shavian, Lincolnesque, etc.

More recent references should be coined.

For example, Jason Bateman told a talk show host that when he skips diet and exercise “my face tends to Shatner.” I.e., verb into. “to plump like a balloon”.

Lenolean insult - mild running gag, like riffs on Paris Hilton’s sex tapes

Clintonesque - charming and horny

Springerish - pertaining to paternity

Philian advice - like Dr. Phil’s “How’s that working for you?”

Cheneyish - gruff, or hidden as a Cheneyish bunker

Baconian - within six degrees of someone

Netanyahuey - (not sure what this would be, but it’s fun to say)

Bristonian: Drop-dead sexy.

I shall decline the obvious response as beneath my dignity and yours.

Spearsesque: succeeding not through native talent or hard work, but rather because of soulless manipulation by corporate types.

Um…those aren’t verbs…

The thread’s subject line is brief, but the OP itself, and the examples therein, allow for adjectival uses. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obamify – I’m guessing this will change meaning depending on party affiliation and economic indicators.

Oprahtize – Sort of like advertise, but with a product that’s named after you.

Specterate (eeww)-- To change the way you use the word Obamify to mean change for the better. (Punctuated by periods of reversal and return to stauts quo.)

Blessify - To talk at a volume that makes sound technicians weep. (Brian Blessed, aka the loudest man on T.V.)

to Greenspan is to try to solve all economic problems with 1/4 point changes to the prime rate

a Lucciesque actress is someone beloved by her audience for years but denied honors

Littleeditate – To get angry when someone uses the f^*king monosyllable.

…while to Greenspin is to pretend you didn’t know this would lead to huge issues down the road.

Another obscure appointee will Palin her way into the spotlight.
Some people say if Ponzi were alive he’d Madoff his own mother.
Now that Dave established it, many people Letterman a top ten list backward

rush (def. 3) = to focus on petty traits that turn out not to exist in the first place

ledger = to die shortly before your most well-regarded work comes to fruition (e.g., “John, seeing that his prints weren’t selling well, decided to submit Abandoned Female Form #57 to the National Arts Council and pull a ledger.”)

After wandering in the wilderness of late night for many years, he was finally Conanized with the holy 11:30/10:30 Central time slot talk show.

Dude, what’s with the haircut? It’s positively Blagojevish!

Watch your mouth! Do you have to Rahm like that in front of the children?

double post

Hmm. Yes, I got sidetracked after the one verb example.

Do you like the way Leno lately dangerfields his tie when he tells economy jokes?

Nobody out-emeril’s the Food Network for kitchen shows.

I’ve seen some soldiers schwarzkopfed in front of their squads and it isn’t pretty.

My neighbor plans to octamom a large family in a short time

You are being a killjoy here. How Chessicsensensian of you.


Of course they are verbs. Just not in the Chessic Sense.