Verizon internet can kiss my ass

So, when my internet went down yesterday evening, I attempted to contact the folks at Verizon to get the issue resolved. I was already familiar with the suckiness of having to navigate a phone tree to speak to a real person (and the heightened suckiness of said phone tree being entirely “voice operated”), so I made my peace with that before even making the call. What I wasn’t prepared for is the ridiculous runaround I received from the personnel, after navigating their sucky voice operated telephone tree to find them.

  • No, it’s not a billing issue - I am payed in full.
  • No, I’m not going to give you any credit card information, since I am currently payed in full, and we have already taken the time to confirm that your system confirms that.
  • Yes, your phone reps did in fact hang up on me twice.
  • No, I do not live anywhere near New York (which apparently had a service outage last night).
  • Yes, I do understand that you are in the Phillippines and therefore might not immediately know the relative proximity of New York and Florida, but once I have clarified such to you, it really should no longer be a factor in the conversation.
  • Yes, I will absolutely wait for your tech support rep (hey wait, I called tech support to begin with - are you saying that’s not who I’m actually speaking with?), but after waiting for you to get them on the line, they should really then… you know… offer technical assistance.
  • No, I’m still not going to give you my credit card info - you already put me on hold several times in order to confirm that I am in fact paid in full.
  • Yes, once again, those phone reps did actually hang up on me - at least one of them said the conversation was being recorded, so it should be extremely easy to confirm.
  • No, I really don’t believe for a minute that you do not have a supervisor.
  • No, you still can’t have my credit card information.


I thought you were posting about how they cut our access to vital newsgroups, like alt.binaries.ladies.topless.whee.* They really are going downhill.
*About three weeks ago, Verizon stopped carrying most of Usenet.

Update - I have gone ahead and cancelled Verizon. They are not worth my time and energy, and certainly not worth my money.

The fiasco from yesterday that I described was compounded today by the fact that they charged my credit card 3 days earlier than they were supposed to. For some people, this probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m currently pretty poor, so it matters. So I call and make the painful climb up the phone tree once again. The phone rep confirms that the 25th of the month is when my payments are charged, but simply cannot grasp the fact that today is the 22nd. The supervisor is similarly challenged by this basic math exercise, and somehow believes that is my fault. He is also adamant that he does not himself have any sort of supervisor (wow, I went right from the first phone rep straight to the CEO of Verizon? Please…).

Anyway, I won’t be dealing with them anymore.

The funny thing is, my next door neighbor has Verizon as well, and doesn’t bother to password-protect her wireless network. So I could have been freeloading this whole time, but I really don’t like to do that (curse my parents for making me so durn upstanding). However, since Verizon seems to like screwing me, I no longer see a reason not to return the favor.

I think I see where the confusion came in. I’d bet that if you went out right now, you could find a New Yorker in about ten seconds.


I’m about that close to canceling Verizon DSL for the same reasons.

Except I have no interest in getting cable just for Internet access, so I think I’m stuck. I really can’t think of anywhere else to turn, because if I did, I’d do it in a minute.

Why not? I have Time Warner cable internet access, and no cable TV. Costs $45.95/mo.

This is just code for “I work in an abysmal hell where my supervisor will not take calls from customers.” Speaking as someone who used to work in such a place let me tell you, it is much better to be the supervisor than the agent.

Of course, I would guess a good 20-30% of the time that when you ask for a supervisor you are just speaking to Joe across the aisle who wasn’t on a call at the time. I’ve worked in this situation as well and it is amazing the psychological effect that hearing no from a supervisor can have on a customer. Calms them down enough that I don’t know why a company too cheap to have supervisors take irate calls don’t do it as a matter of course.

That seems expensive. Our DSL access is, IIRC about $20/mo as an add-on to our phone bill. It does happen to be Verizon, but we haven’t had such bad experience as the OP. I also have VZN’s National Access Broadband, which lets me access the internet from my latptop anywhere my cell phone works. It’s on the expensive side ($60/mo.), but I use it a lot and I’m very happy with it. Publicly accessible areas where you won’t let me use your institutional wi-fi? I don’t need your wi-fi. :slight_smile:

Bwahahaha! Just wait until you go over your 5 gig allowance and have a $13,000 bill! Bwahaha! (I recently left Verizon customer service, and trust me, I’ve seen bills that high from exactly that!)

So I get my bill from Verizon wireless and there’s a nice big note on the outside saying sign up for paperless billing by going to My Verizon. Sweet, I don’t need a paper bill.

Fuck if I can find anywhere on Verizon Wireless My Verizon to actually sign up. E-mails have gone unanswered. Gah.

It is under the “My Profile” tab.

Thank you for getting me to check this and make sure I wasn’t crazy. I wasn’t, but I also wasn’t considered the Account Holder. Changing that status made it all clear.


See, if you had Verizon FIOS, you wouldn’t have this problem. They have easily accessible humans in 14 call centers around the continental US who are friendly, helpful, and quick to resolve issues. We’ve had the best customer service since we got our FIOS service that I’ve ever had for internet service. Plus we signed up when they were first installing in the neighborhood, so we get our TV cable digital boxes for free, permanently, no per-box-per-month charge.

THis reminds me of when we had Verizon.

(one of our cables on the cable box was loose, causing random Internet outages whenever it disconnected)

Me: Hello? Yeah, our internets been spotty, we’ve already tried most of the basic things, could you check your end?
Her: First, is your computer on?
Me: Yes.
Her: Is the modem connected? Which Lights are on? Have you tried turning it off and back on?
Me: Yes. None. Yes.
Her: Go to internet explorer, and click on tools.
Me: Okay.
Her: Now–bladehbladehblah, delete cookies, etc.–
Me: Done.
Her: Now go to Google.
Me: I can’t.
Her: Why not?
Me: Because the internet’s out. It was at the beginning, and it is now.
Her: Oh…well, I can’t help you unless your internet’s up.
Me: :dubious: :smack:
Her: Call back when the internet’s up, okay? :hangs up:

Complete waste of my time.

I had a lot of noise on my phone line and called Verizon service. Of course they have a recording saying check the gray box (mine happens to be in the cellar) and have the results to report. I do this and then call back for service and when I tell him what the results were? “Yeah, that doesn’t help me at all.” Why the hell did your recording recommend doing this then???

Oh, I am sooooooo pissed off now.

I just got an email from Verizon asking for updated credit card information so they can bill me for my next month of service. Apparently, they thought I was just kidding when I asked to have my service cancelled, got transferred to someone in the cancellations department, confirmed all my information, and confirmed that I did indeed want to cancel.

So, I call back, and once more work my way to the limb of the phone tree that contains an actual live person. They make me confirm my information once again, then say that I have to speak with someone in the cancellations department (because that worked so well last time). They say they are transferring me, and that I will hear a brief moment of silence while I am connected to cancellations. The silence is indeed brief, since my call is then promptly disconnected and I begin cursing loudly.

I almost wish my cell phone was Verizon too, since it would be very satisfying to throw it against the wall and stomp on it. True, it wouldn’t really accomplish anything… but then, their customer “service” department doesn’t seem to be accomplishing very much either…

Some of my best Pit rants were about Verizon DSL tech support, but I guess they were so old they got pruned when the board’s library of old posts got downsized :frowning: