Verizon unlimited data plans will no longer be available after June 28th 2012

Verizon is switching to tiered data plans which do not (by my reckoning) appear to be particularly good deals. If you upgrade and renew your contract BEFORE June 28th your unlimited plan will stay in place until your next contract renewal 2 years out, at which point you are done.

More info re plan pricing.

None of those articles talk about people like me. I have the very lowest plan currently available: 700 minutes of talk and 300 mb of data per month. (Typically I use about 200 mb. I’m usually using WiFi.) It costs about $120 per month for two lines, which is cheaper than any other plan, old or new.

American cell phone service is a fucking joke.

Check out what Page Plus has available. They resell Verizon service.
They don’t have any plan exactly like what you describe, but maybe some other combination could save you money? For example, you could get the plan with 2GB for one phone and 10MB for the other phone if you use most of your data from one phone. Or you can get a 100MB plan for each phone if you split evenly between the two of them. Or even getting the $55 unlimited talk/text + 2GB for each phone would be less than you are paying now.

I should mention that if you have a 4G phone, Page Plus may not be for you. It is not officially supported, although some have had success.