Will Verizon's "Share Everything" plan save you money?

Verizon has announced that as of the end of this month, they will no longer be offering unlimited data packages to new customers, and they will be going with a “Share Everything” plan. Per Verizon, most people will save money with this.

So I went looking. Currently, I have 4 dumb phones on a 550min/month (grandfathered) plan, and unlimited texting for 1 of those phones. Cost = $80/month. ($60/month + $10 each for phones 3 and 4)

With the new plans, I’d have to pay $140 ($70/month for the first phone, $30 each for phones 2-4 and $10 for texting on one phone). I will give you that the Share Everything plans start at 700 minutes, but if I bumped my current plan to that, I’d only be paying $100.

So, will this save you money?

We have one dumb phone, one smart phone, with unlimited calls and texting. According to my techie boyfriend, we will save $25 a month if we switch to the new plan with 2 smart phones. I am the one trading in the dumb phone, so I don’t think he is lying. :slight_smile:

AT&T would have to offer me hookers & blow and a magic floating invisible stereo that followed me around so I always had my own background music in order to get me to switch from my unlimited data plan.


We have 450 minutes, 1000 texts, 1 iPhone unlimited data, 1 feature phone.
That is $40 + $10 + $30 + $10 = $90 - and we never use all the minutes or texts

New plan will be $50 + $40 + $30 = $120 - for a measly 1GB of data

For more money, we get more of what we don’t use and less of what we do use = FAIL.

Looking for another carrier.

I saw nothing attractive with their new plans, perhaps it starts to make sense if you have a larger number of people/devices and only one or two (or zero) actually use data regularly. Their data bucket sizes are very disappointing for the price they are charging and the price of phone and txting is pretty steep for a service that is diminishing in importance.

I do feel that their use of public airwaves for the common good should be questioned with these recent escalating prices, not just this one, but others like charging a upgrade fee instead of a discount.

We’ve got 5 dumb phones with I think 900 mins and unlimited texting for $150. Maybe even just 600 minutes. But since we can all call each other for free and have the Verizon equivalent of “My Circle” and off-peak minutes…we never come close to our minutes.

If we switched, before we even added data OR taxes & fees, it’d be $150 for all those dumb phones with no upgrade other than unlimited minutes.

I wouldn’t want to split the bill for data with my brother and SIL either. They would use it all, whatever level we chose.

Nope, the new plans seem almost designed to punish non-data plan users. It’s $30 to add each additional dumb phone to a shared plan, starting with the second phone. Currently, a shared plan covers 2 phones, and $10 for each phone after that.