Veronica Mars is cancelled


I will miss this show. Can’t say I’m suprised, especially after they took it off the air for two months to show “Sankycat Dolls”.

It consistently was TV’s lowest-rated drama. Last week, it drew fewer viewers than Sabado Gigante! I’m pleased that it lasted this long – it never would have survived three years on another network. Hopefully the awesome, awesome cast will find other work quickly.

I consider myself a fan, but I’m still okay with it. The first season was so damned good, I wanted to send Rob Thomas a fruit basket. The second season was kind of disappointing. This season was mostly directionless and forgettable.

But I can’t say enough how much I love this cast.

What’s wrong with SG? No es sabado sin Sabado Gigante!

I love Veronica Mars, but I’m not terribly broken up. A fourth season would’ve been nice, but considering that the third season has been just so-so (great characters, haphazard plotting), it’s not like the series is being gunned down in its prime.

I admit I’m curious about the hypothetical VM-as-FBI agent flash-forward, though, in part because I wish more series would consider something like that, rather than assuming they have to progress in more-or-less real time.

Well, according to IMDB, Kristen Bell has four movies lined up, Enrico Colantoni has three, Teddy Dunn and Michael Muhney have two each… Jason Dohring is the only one who looks like he’s out of steady work for the moment.

Which is ridiculous, because he’s crazy good.

It can’t be said the CW didn’t give the show a fair chance. And as noted upthread, this season has been comparatively weak.

Yeah, the last two “ABC After School Special” episodes made it seem like they’d just given up.

Oh, no! Well…that was my first reaction - actually, I agree with DianaG. I will definitely miss the Veronica Mars of the first season, and I wish they could have kept up the same quality in the later seasons. Although I want to take a moment to remind you all of the greatness that is Ryan Hansen, whose excellent Dick Casablancas was a work of art (as evidenced in last week’s episode).

Seems about right, that I just get into this show the season it gets cancelled.
Looks like it is off to the vid-store for me!

You said that wrong. It should be…


You haven’t seen the first two seasons? Season One is particularly great. You’re in for a treat!

It’s a good moment to let the show go. While I would have enjoyed more VM I’m fine with watching them sail off into the sunset.

Though apprently Kristen Beel is the (unseen) narator for the new CW series “Gossip Girls”. There may be a non VM Rob (thomas, VM creator) / Kristen hookup:

though read Rob’s response:


you know, I would have been a lot more broken up about this news if season 3 hadn’t been so incredibly lame. I remember I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear if it was going to get renewed after season 1 and 2, most than any other show.

Still, it would have been nice to see the flash-forward season. The compromise the CW made to keep the show for season 3 is what did it in. This show had a small fanbase because it took the right kind of person to appreciate it - opening it up to teenybopper audiences ruined the show.

All I can say is that I am not really looking forward to the fall season. Hey, at least I’ll have less TV to watch now, which is probably for the better.

Thanks a lot, Dinsdale. Can’t you start being a fan of some of those fat husband-hot wife shows and clear those off the schedule instead?

Better yet, can’t you just be a fan of those fat husbands?

Hijack - did you notice the little ‘message’ that was worked into the season 2 finale about the renewal, and what did you think of it? I never got a chance to see much of season 2 until September of last year, and I don’t get the CW anyway, so I think I can be excused for not clueing in until I read about it online.