Very bad gas pain.

Not terribly often but more than occasionally I get these awful gas pains. They start out in my back around chest high and slowly works around the radius of my body so that I can feel it from my chest to my back.

Twice now I have gone to the emergency room. The pain was so unbearable and at the time I did not know what it was. The first time my wife took me to the emergency room but the second time she was not home and I had to call 911, as it hurt so bad. The 911 operator thought that I was having a heart attack by the symptoms described.

When I get to the emergency room basically the doctors gave me this green liquid. Then the pain goes away. The doctor told me that I just have gas.

The third time that I got the major pain I just took it. I went in the shower and turned the hot water on then cold and kept doing this so that I would not think of the pain.

So I went to my doctor and she did all kinds of tests. She could not find anything wrong with me. But this was over a year ago and I still get the minor pains. I have not got a major one in a long time. Possibly because when I start to feel the pain I take pepside complete and it pretty much goes away.

So what I would like to know is what type of specialist could I see that could give me a second opinion. I cannot believe that there is no way to stop this.

Have you tried to monitor what you were eating or drinking prior to the episodes? It may not be the particular food, but one of the ingredients. You may have to go back as far as 12 hours to determine the connection. It also may be a certain “class” of foods that do this to you. If you do find the culprit, you may have to take pepcid before you can eat it again. You also may want to keep a bottle of milk of magnesia around to take care of it the next time.

IANAD Kewk but sounds to me as if you may have a bad gall bladder.

So whom can I see about this other than my regular doctor?

A Gastroenterologist.

If you have a digestive disorder, the specialist to see would be a gastroenterologist. However, many health insurance plans require you to get a referral from your regular (primary care) doctor to go to any specialist. If you last saw your doctor a year ago, I suggest you go back and tell her that you’re still having pain. Make it clear that this is not a minor discomfort and that you feel there is definitely something wrong. If she won’t listen or take further steps to make a diagnosis, find a new primary care doctor.

Zantac. Any time I have any malfunction in the tummy area, it’s Zantac time. I think this stuff is a miracle drug. YMMV.

Zantac and Pepcid are drugs that do essentially the same thing:


There are huge numbers of possible other problems causing gas pain than stomach acid. A trip to a gastroenterologist is highly recommended.

My WAG is GERD - Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (or Acid Reflux in layman’s terms.) My husband had the same thing complete with trips to the emergency room and the same green “GI Cocktail.” If you look it up on WebMD or a similar site you can find out more about it. It can usually be much improved by changing diet. Things to avoid are peppermint, chocolate, coffee, acidic foods like tomatoes, etc. Also try elevating your bed or pillow at night. My husband eliminated single things from his diet until he found out if it was one specific thing: it was the coffee. He can now eat chocolate, tomatoes, etc with no problem. And, no more trips to the emergency room!

Well all I eat is meat, cheese, egg’s, chicken. Atkins pretty much.

Anywho thanks for the replies. I will be making an appointment with my doctor in hopes to get refered to a Gastroenterologist.

If you have Anthem by chance, you don’t need referrals anymore. Might be worth checking with your insurance. I myself have an appointment for a gastro. doctor in a couple weeks. Apparently they are busy bunch of folks. The first available appointment was 5 weeks after they were called. Anyway, good luck with things.

I have blue cross. I guess it wont hurt to try a gastro first.

Zantac and Pepcid isn’t going to help gas once you’ve got it. For that you need simethicone. It’s in any anti-gas tablet like Maalox Plus. Just make sure it says anti-gas.

I have GERD and occasional extremely painful gas. To me, the pains are very different. GERD feels like the burning that it is. Gas pains can be very sharp and I can feel them anywhere from my abdomen to my shoulder blades. I usually roll around on the floor until the bubble moves to a less painful place. Ditto what KidCharlemagne about simethicone. I keep liquid Maalox Plus in the refriogerator and it tastes pretty good.

I have a prescription for Prevacid. It is a godsend. OTC Zantac, Pepcid, etc are good but they’re no match for the prescription stuff.

My wife had pains that sound similar to yours and she went through the same thing that you are. The doctors told her it was gas. When we took her to the emergency room, they gave her the green cocktail and told her that if the pain went away, it was probably her gall bladder. A sonogram confirmed that she had 40-50 gall stones. They removed her gall bladder and everything has been fine.

I once ate half a can of honey roasted nuts. Now that hurt. Since you’re on atkins, I doubt you’re eating nuts, but if you were…

What is in the green stuff, given at the hospital?

From here .

Actually, ParentalAdvisory, nuts are encouraged on Atkins (not Honey Roasted, of course).

kewk, do you eat any low-carb “specialty” products? Most products (bars, sugar free candies, ice creams, shakes, etc) have Sugar Alcohols in them and they will give almost anyone some severe gastric troubles. Some folks can eat these products with no effects, others it sends running to the bathroom for days. Me, I experience some semi-painful gas but I’m wise to stay away from any large amounts of these sugar alcohols.

Also since you’re following Atkins be sure to get VEGGIES because you need FIBER. If you are eating just eggs, cheese, meat and chicken you could really get stopped up which can be painful and problematic for your digestive system. Get your green leafy veggies in, and depending how long you’ve been following Atkins you will want to add some whole grain crackers, flax meal, or psyllum husks to help with regularity.

Those are just some tips in case you werent’ aware of them, but I recommend with the others that you see a doctor. Gas pain shouldn’t hurt THAT bad!! Hope you get to the bottom of your problem soon.

Actually, the “green stuff” is something called Donnatal elixir. It is made up of phenobarbital, which is a barbituate, and 3 similar anticholinergic drugs. It is mostly used as an anti-spasmodic. GI cocktails, of which many docs have their own recipe, usually contain the aforementioned antacid + lidocaine (anesthetic) + antihistamine ingredients.

Geez, that’s a borderline Brompton Cocktail.