Very cool hawk vs. squirrel video.

Hawk vs. Squirrel
Found this and thought I’d share. Great cinematography and editing. Best watched in full screen.

Someone sent this to me a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

I’m still trying to figure out how it was done.


My guess is a lot of footage and some good editing! That and some good equipment (Knothole Cam).

Without even looking at the video, I immediately wondered: Did the squirrel win?

Very well done & show me that no matter, I really don’t have ir so bad.

this time.

Glad the squirrel got away this time…but the hawk went hungry.

The video is shot in the fall so I’m assuming no hawk hatchlings went to bed without supper.

True but the hawk (depending on location and type of hawk) may seriously need to fuel up for migration, or to put on some fat to survive the upcoming winter. Raptors have it very tough.

Adult hawks die of winter starvation frequently, especially during their first winter.

Wow, I wonder how much original footage was shot and over how long a period it took to get it all. All chopped and spliced into 3 minutes.

Good thing the squirrel had an emergency escape hatch built into its nest.

Yeah, it must have been agony getting that squirrel to hit its mark, especially after the third or fourth retake. :smiley: