Very Creepy

Follow the instructions for this site. The intended result worked for me and really freaked me out. How does this work??

Most bizarre, although I wouldn’t call it creepy exactly. Don’t know how it works, but it must have something to do with the stress of all that black and white space on your eyes, combined with some sort of optical illusion… I was expecting to see a gorilla! Weird.


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I tried and tried…what did you see? All I know is I have a ghost image of that thing still lingering…Any hints?

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I didn’t see anyting in particular either

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I saw a pic of Jesus. Or the Zig-Zag guy.

No, seriously.

Yeah, it’s totally either Jesus or the Zig Zag guy (ha! good one). It’s a guy with a long, thin face, a beard and long hair parted down the middle. After you see him once, he’s very vivid. I just don’t know how my eyes saw it - how is this achieved?

P.S. I am not religious

Ok, I tried, and saw a ghost. But that is what I saw right away anyway, so it didn’t work for me. I also can’t see the pictures in those…oh what do you call them…those things at the mall where you’re supposed to stare at them and “lose” your focus until a picture appears.

So, what is it that you’re supposed to see in this one? Jesus? For real?


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This is a simple negative afterimage effect.

I did a “Set as wallpaper” on the image, then edited it with Paint. I inverted the colors and tada! A fairly normal looking picure of JC (or Mr. Zig Zag).

I have a picture of a US flag, but the stripes are green & black and the star field is orange with black stars. If you stare at it for 30 seconds then at a white wall, you will see the flag as an afterimage with the red, white, and blue in the correct places.

worked for me…saw jesus, (or my uncle Johnny’s grad pic from the 70’s )


I did it! That is really bizzare. I got it to work by getting up really close to the monitor, and then tilting my head back. But when I still couldn’t see an image, I started to blink really fast, and I saw a strobe-like Jesus. That’s really weird.


“Life is hard…but God is good”

You could sorta figure it out by looking, but neat effect. Now I keep seeing it floating around on my screen…maybe I shouldn’t have drunk all the cough syrup this morning…

Seriously, though, what is the deal with those pictures you’re supposed to hold up to your nose and then pull back and see the secret image? Damn I can’t see a thing with those things. How do they work?


Trying to explain to someone how to see the image in those 3-D posters is like giving someone a cure for hiccups- what works well for you but it probably won’t do a thing for the other guy.

Personally, I stare really closely at a section of the pic, trying to take in lots of detail from a small area. I then “zoom out” and look at the whole picture.

Ack. Artifical religious experience!

My retina is permanently scarred now.

Weird…I saw that image the first time, but I didn’t know it was supposed to be JC…I kept looking thinking something spectacular was going to happen…like a 3D thing…Interesting…

An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.


Who comes up with this stuff???

RE: 3D pictures: a lot of them don’t have explcit clues about how cross your eyes. Try to find one with dots on the top, and then cross your eyes. You should see four dots at first (two dots per eye), but if you get the left dot from your right eye lined up with the right dot from your left eye, you should see three dots. Now look at the picture. I there aren’t any dots, you should be able to distinguish vertical stripe with similar images. Get two adjacent stripes to line up like the dots should reveal the picture. You can also take a small image (~ one inch), place two copies of it side by side in MS Paint or a similar program. It helps if they’re the at exactly the same height. If you line them up as I described lining up the dots, the middle image should appear to be closer than it actually is.

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I also saw Jesus. I didn’t mention this at first so as not to screw up the experiment for everybody else. However, I think it’s interesting that *I saw Jesus and Adam didn’t. BTW, Adam, I can never see anything in those magic picture things either!


Full of 'satiable curtiosity

I did it the first time, and saw the negative image, but it didn’t look like anything. After I read the responses and knew what to look for I could see it.

About the Magic Eye (3D images), I can see them at will. Its very easy for me now, but it took me awhile the first time i saw them. The method i used was to (if they had a glass pane, or plastic covering) stare at my reflection in the glass or plastic covering. This forces your eyes to focus beyond the image, then you will likely notice the image in the process. After a few tries it got easier and easier.

zoony: Seriously, though, what is the deal with those pictures you’re supposed to hold up to your nose and then pull back and see the secret image? Damn I can’t see a thing with those things. How do they work?

Basically, the vertical band patterns that repeats left and right are actually slightly different from each other. By crossing your eyes and refocusing (hard to really explain), you’re making one eye look at one band and the other eye at another but making your brain think both eyes are looking at the same band. Then your brain, seeing two slightly different images, interprets them in 3-D. Pretty neat once you get the knack of it.

Re 3-D "stare-EO grams:

To see the effect if you’re having difficulty with the published pictures, find a wall with a repeating geometric pattern that’s about 1 inch apart. (One-inch-tiled bathroom walls work well.)

Face it and get about 6 inches away from it. Close your eyes and relax, then slightly cross your eyes. Re-open them and focus on the pattern as quick as possible. Chances are, you’ll “misfocus” and achieve the stare-eo effect. Move back a little, and you’ll feel disoriented. This is because the distance your brain has calculated doesn’t jibe with your movement. Then quickly put a hand on the wall in front of your face, and this will “break” the misfocus.

Just try to do the same with the pictures, and you’ll be able to see them in no time.