Experience a supernatural vision yourself through this thread.

This is the most trippin’ thing I have seen all year.. I thought I had already done all of these types of things but this one takes the cake.

Give it a try yourself. Besides closing your eyes and tilting you head back, you can also gaze at a blank wall.

I know my faith has been restored.

Tell us if it works for you.

Are you serious? Have I been whooshed? Supernatural vision?
Please tell me a standard optical illusion didn’t really “restore your faith”. . .

Great, now He’s floating on my computer screen, getting in my way. Thanks a lot!

I’m surprised you haven’t seen this particular illusion before. Or maybe you’re just being silly. Have you tried it with color images? Even cooler.

You want weird? Try this page. In particular, the one second from the bottom works really well on me.

That seriously triggered a cluster headache.

I already have a headache. But all I saw was a circle of light with a triangle inside. Hail the holy triangle! Or does that represent the father, son and holy ghost?

Me too, but He is still on my screen, so I know He wants to cure it for me…


Holy shit, is that lightning getting closer??

It’s Ian Astbury!!!

Whoa!! How freaky! Interdimensional!

I see Jello Biafra! Jello Biafra!

falls on the floor, convulsing

Holy Mother! It’s the Holy Son!

That is quite crazy. Not faith restoring crazy, but crazy none the less.

AAAAAH! Rob Zombie’s coming to get me!

That’s my wallpaper at work. My coworkers never use my computer now.

that one, and the ones with the same color scheme, are the only ones that worked for me

You aren’t the only one. I tried it too and most of them did nothing for for me except the two you described. I can see those Magic Eye things and I made it all the way to the end on a very difficult color sensory test. Maybe those others require some type of disability before they will work.

I still thing the divine vision one is the coolest I have ever seen because it has this long time delay followed by a bright circle and then the vision occurs. I am pretty sure some people in this thread aren’t seeing it correctly.