Very disturbing read Earth 'will expire by 2050'

I came across some disturbing news articles.What is your thought? What is your views on it , does the news article seem faulty or way off? More like 100 or 200 years from now Earth will expire ?

I know gold and siver is hard to come by now.Also copper and metal.

Not to say Wood,fish and water hard to come by now.

Land problem earth too small

I would advise you to stop reading sites trying to sell you something through the use of alarming and patently false information.

The Earth could not give less of a rip as to exactly what kind of mites infest its surface, nor what they do with said surface. It is no more likely to expire than the sun. We, however, might have some problems, but the Earth? It’ll be here when the sun goes cold. Or blows up. Either way, a long time.

Is the Earth running out of room and resources or are there to many people living on it? The size of the Earth hasn’t changed.

Almost all the gold, silver, & copper that was ever mined is still on the planet.

Since the OP is asking for opinions, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Everyone on Earth today would fit into Los Angeles.. I think if people lived at the density of New York they’d fit in Texas.

We do have to conserve more, but let’s not panic quite yet about room.

I’d heard that the entire Ghost Earth full of Cannibal Humans was about to crash into Northern Europe!

It’s not about the space an actual human body takes up, we need to consider all the stuff we need that takes up room such as food crops,etc. Then there’s the waste produced from 7 billion people.

Human population is set to stabilize at about 9-10 billion this century. If anything it may start going down (until we learn how immortality works, which I’m assuming wouldn’t be long after the 2050s).

We do not have enough natural resources to let everyone live like an American. The stat that 5% of us use 25% of the world’s resources would imply we need a half a dozen earths to support 9-10 billion people by US standards.

So one of several things can and will happen.

  1. We will lower our standards of living
  2. We will find ways around our limited natural resources either by finding more of the limited ones (more recycling, better mining) or by discovering alternatives that are not as finite.

I do not think there will be mass death or starvation though. It requires very few resources to keep humans alive. Basic food and public health is about all it takes.

If everybody lived in more condensed spaces, there would be more space for those things, too.

The commute to work would be a bitch. :smiley:

What is my thought? This:

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The person who wrote the news article use the term Earth will expire by 2050. What they are saying we are runing out of land ,wood ,fish and other natural resources may be like gold ,siver ,copper and metal.

The Earth will expire by 2050? I’m picturing a tiny “17 FEB 2050” printed on some rock somewhere. I imagine come 18 February 2050 I’ll just have to give it a sniff before using.

The Earth obviously is not going to run out of land, unless it becomes Waterworld, which, by the way, it won’t.

The Earth isn’t running out of wood and never will. World forest coverage is declining but very, very slowly, and almost all the decline is in South America. Even if nothing were done about it - and things ARE being done about it - we wouldn’t run out of forest by 3050, much less 2050. Wood conservation is very easy, compared to other forms of conservation, and has been wildly successful anywhere that any government has taken it even halfway seriously:

Fish, now that’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.

The human race may make some stupid decisions that make it more difficult for the world to support several billion of us for awhile, but it’ll be self-correcting after awhile: human population will drop, the environment will recover somewhat, etc. The Earth has survived previous environmental cataclysms (like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs), and will survive us too.

On one hand, if I’m even still alive I’ll be in my 90s. I could very will be dead by then, so fuck it – party and use those resources up now!

On the other hand, I plan to be an immortal, so that could throw me a curve ball.

And/or 3 (or possibly 2a): Have a standard of living that is roughly as good as that of Americans, but less wasteful. Less disposable goods, more durable goods, that sort of thing; part of our problem is that our consumer-based economy pretty much depends on an awful lot of wasted motion to stay healthy. It means that everything is made to wear out fast because otherwise people won’t buy new ones.

The OP should take a drive through the Canadian Shield. The whole length of it. By Day 3, he’ll be wishing there was a shortage of trees.