Very Eager Craigslist Buyer: What do you think?

Ok, this isn’t an obvious scam that I can think of. I spoke to the guy on the phone. He has a number with a local area code.

The reason I’m suspicious is that he seemed very interested in buying my laptop, right now. Now, it could be that he thinks it’s the greatest deal in the world, but he’d be the only one in the craigslist community so far. The ad was up for 3 weeks with no bites, and I recently relisted it.

I mentioned that I have a guy coming over to look at it this evening at 7, and he asked if he could come over with cash right now. I said yes, but I couldn’t deliver it until 7 anyway, because I will be at work until then. He said that’s ok, as long as he got something written from me. Since this is more trusting than I’d expect a random person to be.

My only thought is that he could be trying to pass off counterfeited cash, but that’s not going to work if he pays me before the transfer, since I can just walk over to the bank and see if it’s real.

But it makes me nervous. Thoughts?

Sounds like he needs a laptop real bad. I doubt he’s trying to pass counterfiet money.

Yeah - it’s kinda fishy - but you did say you have somebody else looking at it - maybe he doesn’t want to miss out.

Anyways - just have him meet you at the bank on your break. If he doesn’t show to the bank - yeah it was fishy. If he does show, then get the cash then disappear. I mean, meet him later with the laptop not disappear! :smack:

I always get those two mixed up.

Maybe he broke a friend’s laptop that was the exact same model and wants to replace it instead of having to own up?

Yeah I’m guessing he needs a laptop real bad cuz his broke or he’s going on vacation and decided he needed one, or has just been looking and didn’t think to try craiglist earlier. Now he’s psyched because he found what he thinks is a good deal and can have it hand delivered - no shipping fees, no tax and no waiting. He’s offering cash so you sell it to him instead of the other guy.

Go for it.

Alright, positive consensus. Hopefully all will go well.

Just remember that you can’t take a check to any bank and have them guarantee that the check is good, if it’s the bank that the check is drawn on and they hand you cash, then your home free. There are many counterfeit and bogus checks out there, including cashiers checks and money orders. I’d take cash only, if it were me.

If you’re concerned about counterfit cash, you can go to your local party supply store/spencer gifts/local pet store and get a portable, battery powered, flourescent UV light, on all U.S. currency over $5, the plastic security strip in the bill will flouresce under UV illumination, there are also UV reactive fibers in the paper itself

part stores/spencer gifts usually carry cheap battery powered UV lights, good pet stores sell a product in the cats/dogs aisle called the “stink finder”, all it is is a battery powered flourescent UV light…

Well aware, but thank you for the warning.

My craigslist policy is cash only, anyway.

Yeah, I’d say go for too. But beware the last minute switcheroo – “See here’s the thing…I don’t actually have the money right now, but…”

I have no problem saying “no.”

Yeah - or the ol’ “Let’s both put money in this envelope and you can hold it until you give me the computer.” Then envelope switcharoo and voila!

Maybe pull The Wire too while we’re at it!

Maybe he got a letter from someone in Nigeria who is willing to pay him $10,000 for a laptop?

I have a Counterfeit money Detector pen that shows a light color if a bill is OK or a dark mark if it is not. Got it at the office supply store.

Funny money seems pretty unlikely to me. If it’s a scam, it’s something else.

I talked to him again, and I got much less of a weird vibe from him this time. He is apparently leaving town tonight, and won’t be back until Sunday, which explains the eagerness.

False alarm. Stand down.

I second the suggestion of making the exchange at a branch of your bank; attempt to pay the cash into your account; the bank will quickly inform you if it’s counterfeit (and with greater reliability than you could achieve by yourself. If the bank accepts the cash, let him walk away with the computer.