Very Mundane and Pointless

I find this review of the Crown Victoria to be amusing. I especially like the part about the plexiglass/wire barrier.

Feel free to contribute any totally pointless links or thoughts to help relieve my boredom.

Is my signature correct? I had to quote it from memory.

A Google search found a page that quotes it this way:

“I could play Stairway to Heaven when I was seventeen, Jimmy Page didn’t write it 'til he was twenty-six. I think that says a lot”

Thanks. I’ll take that under advisement. Man, I’m bored too, and sleepless.

Here’s a quirky little article I just read on the Great Triplane Fad of 1917. The author tosses out interesting little juxtapositions and coincidences, and casually references the fact that the German aces, including the mysterious Werner Voss, were also test pilots. I wonder what the Red Baron would have done with a D.VII?

And when you’re done with that, you might like the Two-Toed and Three-Toed Sloth Page. Try not to break your computer when the annoying sound effects kick in.

Okay. Time to pretend like I’m sleeping. Enjoy.

Thanks for the links, Sofa King. I’m going to try to get some sleep now.

I spent an hour tonight looking for a new picture to use as wallpaper on my desktop.

I chose this one. Pictures of Earth from space help give me the perspective I need when I need some perspective. Like today, for example, when I got laid off from my job.

I like this one.

This entire site is great for killing time, (especially if you like cars.) Tons of stuff to waste your time with in an amusing & informative fashion!

One of my favorite time wasters is here.

Dude, that totally sucks, Montfort. I hope you decide to put up a screen-saver, too–with password.

Well, the wallpaper was for my home computer, not my work one. And, I already have the SETI@Home screensaver. No need for a password on it.

Thanks for your concern, though. I’ll be okay. I have a few leads already and my resume is being passed around like a hot stock tip.