Very Vaguely Creepy 4, return of the creeps

As i said in other thread, the original VVCis available again.

I want to read more VVC stories so i decided to start another, this is my VVC history.

A few years ago i started an Horror themed RolePlaying campaign (stealing lot of ideas from the VVC threads :slight_smile: ), the campaign started when each player received a strange pre-recorded telephone call telling them to evacuate his/her house and go to a “refuge”, (no disaster was happening and things outside were perfectly normal, but this started a series of Very vaguely creepy events that…)

Now the funny thing is that the RPG call started saying something like “please listen carefully, this is a message from then Emergency Comitee for the Argentinian Republic…”, a few weeks after we played the first adventure, where the players received the call, my wife (who is one of the players) was alone in our house and the phone ringed, it was a prerecorded call that started ““please listen carefully, this message is…” and continued " an automated poll from blah blah” (it was just a poll :slight_smile: )

The voice in the message was exactly like the one i described in the game.

now i need new creepyness for a new adventure, so i’ll accept submissions :D.

I have a business where I sell pinback buttons. I got an IM on my personal account the other day from a name I didn’t recognize, so I blocked it. Then I checked my email and there was an email from the same guy, wanted to talk to me about a bulk order. But it was to my personal email address. I replied, from the business address, and asked him where he’d heard about my business. He replied to the other stuff in the email and never answered the question. Later that night I got a notice that he’s subscribed to my Twitter feed. (Which I never use, but he wouldn’t know that.)

I’m guessing he’s just good at Googling but it comes off as vaguely creepy.

I just bought a little three-bedroom ranch. Cute place, all spiffy because someone bought it and flipped it.
I have a nice closet in my room. The VVC thing is, there’s a bolt lock on the outside of the closet door.
So either someone evil locked some innocent being in my closet, or someone innocent (atttempted to) lock something evil into my closet.
Either way, it’s free now.

This reminds me of that scene in Rosemary’s Baby when Guy and Rosemary look at the apartment in the Bramford and discover that someone tried to block off the linen closet, and they can’t see why.

Either that, or the Twilight Zone episode “The Howling Man” actually happened. In your ranch!

Also really grateful that the original VVC thread is back–one of the earliest threads I remember reading and posting in.

Is the house on Ash Tree Lane? I can’t decide if I recommend you *do *read House of Leaves in that room, or never, ever read House of Leavesin that room.

Here is mine. It was more than a little creepy. It occurred I was teaching fifth grade at a K-8 private school.

It was in about one in the afternoon and a really nasty storm had come up. Some of the kids were still a little scared of thunder so I’m doing my best to make the lesson extra fun to take their minds off the storm. Suddenly my principal announces over the intercom, “Teachers please take your class into the hall for our severe weather drill.” The teachers were always told in advance about drills, but we hadn’t been told about this one. This wasn’t a drill. I order my kids into the hall with my usual mock exasperation at the drill while in my head I’m alternating between prayer and “ohshitohshit.”

The teachers get the kids in their positions, back against the wall, knees to chest, and head on the knees, with their hands on their neck. Then we grab the statues off the walls, stick them in the classrooms, and shut the doors. Then we wait as the storm gets worse.

We’ve been sitting there about fifteen minutes when the the nurse comes around and whispers to the teachers that there had just been a tornado reported in the area, but conflicting reports either put it a few miles or a few streets away. I order the kids that have slacked off back into their positions as I figure if we do get hit we might not have any warning. Some of my kids are have figured out this isn’t a drill and have started crying so I comfort them while knowing that if the tornado does hit the school it’s pretty much guaranteed people are going to be badly hurt or killed.

The whole time we’ve been in the hall I’ve been glancing out a window at the rain and now I look over and notice it’s going by almost horizontally as the wind is starting to really pick up. I make another check of the kid’s positions while thinking “Well you always said a Christian shouldn’t fear death. Here’s the test. Lets see if you mean it.”

Then suddenly our principal comes on the intercom again and announces she is going to read a story so the kids won’t get bored during the drill. So I stand there waiting for the tornado; the sounds of the storm and a few quietly sobbing children mixing with the words of a children’s story being slowly read over the intercom.

It was the most eerie experience of my life.

(We were thankfully missed by the tornado.)

Creepy–which story was it, anyway?

I don’t even remember. I really wasn’t paying too much attention. I was busy listening for the train sound that would signal our doom.

Ooh that’s a good one. I can imagine it must have been a bit chilling to find that bolt lock… Have you checked for claw marks/other signs of attempted escape on the inside?

Maybe the closet door has settled or something and tends to open itself, and the occupant found that really freaking creepy and put a bolt on it so it would stay shut. Or maybe that’s where they kept the cat food and the cats learned to open doors.

Me and my dirty mind think that’s where they kept the porn and/or sex toys so the kids couldn’t access it. :o

The Pet Goat?

Was anyone else expecting this story to end with “… then the intercom went dead.”

What is it with animals? I was reading that original thread, and dogs and cats are always popping up.

At our old house, my dog used to stand at the back sliding door and growl at random things in the night. I never thought much about it, but one time he stood at the door and growled. Like usual, I didn’t see anything, and figured some rodent or something was running around. Then he tucked his tail between his legs, gave a frightened whine, and ran over to me, still eyeing the back yard. Strange.

We had a large room on the side of the house. The previous owners, some of my fiancee’s family, used that room for their Hmong shaman rituals (by the way, if you want some creepy-ass stories, ask some Hmong folks for their ghost stories. Very superstitious people, with some awesome stories). We had the couches set up in the living room so I could lay there and throw the dog’s tennis ball into that room, which we used as a game room. Sometimes at night, he would go in a few times for the ball, then all of a sudden come tearing out of there like there was something very vicious right on his heels. Then he would refuse to go into that room the rest of the night. That always kinda creeped me out.

One of the houses where I lived had locks on the outsides of all the closet doors. There were tunnels and such under the house and the locks kept people out of the house proper.


I spent one spring being repeatedly woken by someone rapping at my door. But when I arrived at the door (running up the hallway, pulling on trousers and a t-shirt), yelling “Hang on, I’m on my way.” there would be no-one there.
This was happening two or three times a week. Early, always between seven and seven thirty in the morning.

I even took to flinging on basic clothing and checking from the bedroom window - nobody at the door. And it was always the same pattern of knocks. “Toc - toctoc. Toc - toctoc.” Sometimes repeated five or six times in quick succession. It always stopped after I looked out of the door or window.
After a couple of months it had gone from VVC to incredibly freaky indeed. I was thinking about moving out of the house.

And another thing, someone was leaving squished snail shells all over my path.

Did you know that when a starling smashes a snail shell against the aluminium frame of your front door, they do it in a little toc-toctoc pattern and won’t stop until they either get the snail, or get scared off?

Do you have a whole house fan? We have the same exact thing in a house we just bought. The lock actually serves two purposes - to keep the cats out of the closet, and to keep the door from getting pulled open when we turn on the whole house fan.