Very, very very flippin creepy!

I just read THIS story.

This is about the creepiest thing I have read all week. Can you imagine finding THAT in your attic?

Makes ya kinda really wonder about those old sisters, huh?

What could you find in your attic that could be any more creepy than that.


I also want to say that this was my first try at a hyperlink, and I am very pleased that it seems to work. :slight_smile:


That’ll teach you to do a thorough inspection before buying, eh?

I think creepy is an understatement. Particularly for the guy who’s already lived there for five years. Undoubtedly an unexpected pregnancy on the part of one of the sisters. Reminds me of ‘A Rose for Emily’ by Faulkner.

A girlfriend of mine once sold an old suitcase in a garage sale, to some creepy guy (who had been enquiring if she had underwear for sale). He returned next day saying “I think you left something in the case” and holding an old vibrator of hers, that she had lost (obviously not needed after she met me).

Bit of a hijack but how many ‘strange items in suitcase’ threads do we get?:slight_smile:

Actually, when I was in high school I was meandering behind a strip mall with a friend when we found an old suitcase. We tore it open and found three authentic World War II uniforms! 39th Infantry Division! We called the store, and they said we could keep the suitcase and contents.

How do I know it was authentic? There was a nickel from 1939 in the pocket. Slick, huh?
The uniform even fit me (after I cleaned it)!


I’ve owned my house for almost six years and apart from a little peek, have never inspected my attic.

Sheesh. Thanks particlewill. :smiley:

If These Walls Could Talk 3

Ugh! I read that in the Washington Post a couple of days ago. Couldn’t they have just dug a shallow grave like everyone does? One can only imagine what it must have smelled like…attics are HOT!!

Eeeewwwwwww I just gotta say that is a wee bit beyond creepy in all actuality. I consider it umm psychotic.

Note to self:
Check attic before moving into new house next month.

Don’t plan on sleeping tonight.
Shhheeeeesh! Thanks a lot Particlewill! :wink:

You think that’s bad, a friend of mine moved into a house, and found a dead body sealed in a steel drum under the porch. The body was a few months pregnant. Evidently, the father killed the pregnant mother to prevent his wife from finding out.

Well, I’ve changed my mind about wanting to pry open the old dumbwaiter to see what’s inside…

Chuck Shephard just reported today that an entire adult skeleton was found in a chimney recently. Judging from the contents of the wallet found along with the skeleton they think it was yet another burglar who met an untimely demise playing anti-Santa Claus, and that the body was in the chimney for at least five years.

We found a small, secret walled-off room in our basement. This room has a dirt floor, and we found quite a few bones in a shallow pit. We were creeped out until we determined that they were various deer bones that a long-ago dog had buried there. The room had been sealed off for at least 50 years. Other evidence that we found leads us to believe that a former owner of our home stashed his booze down there during prohibition. The evidence was empty :).

I know of a few very old homes in my area that have a tiny hidden room incorporated into their design. Our town was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Our house is a Victorian built at the turn of the century, but the original owner had it custom built, and apparently wanted a secret room of his own.

The attic is unfinished; we haven’t poked around in there much. We’ve found a few dead bats up there, but that’s about it. Our house is not done yielding up its secrets, though. We’re in the process of restoring it. I hope we don’t find anything like that…:eek:!