Very WTF videostory

Rather shocking, although no gore shown.

WTF? :confused:

Two women are walking between the barriers separating busy highways. Police arrive, women run into traffic, get hit but somehow not injured. Police get them to the side of the road. One woman abruptly bolts back into the traffic and gets hit by a truck, seconds later the other follows, gets hit by a car. First woman remains unconscious, second one revives after a few minutes, and then bolts again from the cop’s grip and tries to run into traffic on the other side of the highway, in the end required 6 people to restrain her. The incident must’ve taken place some time ago as the report end saying the woman hit by the truck recovered after several weeks.

Were these malfunctioning cyborgs?

Found a more complete clip on youtube:

Still no gore, looks like it’s from a cop show. They mention drugs quite a bit… must’ve been some mighty strong stuff if it was.