Veterinarian question-age of adopted dog

I took a beagle mix out of the Detroit Humane Society 2 weeks ago. They said he was about 7 months old. He was found on the street. So can I trust that age in regards to medicines, shampoos, flea collars etc… Can I use the 7 months or should I add a safety factor. I don’t want to give him an overdose of anything. How accurate is the vet estimation of age?

Age estimation on puppies old enough to be getting adult teeth is usually accurate within a month or so. Usually they start getting adult incisors at 3 months, with a new adult tooth coming in every 4 weeks or so. If they’re estimating him at 7 months, that means he’s at least gotten his adult canine teeth, and most likely his first pre-molar. If his age is off, they’ve probably under-guessed him–sometimes they’re a bit late starting to get their adult teeth.

And all flea/tick stuff that’s safe and effective (in other words, NOT the OTC crap), is labeled for use in puppies 8 weeks and older. He’s fine to get any vet-recommended medicines or OTC shampoos.

Thank you very much

You’re more than welcome.

This question has been asked and answered, but I’d just like to add that you should have your new puppy seen by your own vet as soon as possible. In addition to checking your little guy’s overall health, he/she will be able to provide their own age estimate.

I adopted a Beagle mix, myself, back in October. She was also found on the road. The rescue estimated that she was 3 months old at the time, and my vet agreed with them.