How can someone tell a cat's age?

A stray cat showed up at my back door last year and I adopted him. I took him in for shots and neutering and the vet told me he’s about 9 years old. How does the vet check for age and how accurate can they be with age?

Dentition and iris pigment changes allow a crude “guesstimation” of age. Certain ages, such as when certain permanent teeth errupt, can be told more closely.

Ideally, a cats age can be determined by taking today’s date and subtracting the cat’s birthdate.

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I recently took in a very young kitten, adopted him from the vet that I take my others to. At the time, she guessed his age at 3 weeks maybe less. That was a month ago this weekend. This Monday, I took him back for a check-up and she consulted the calendar and declared him 7 weeks old.

Fine, that’s simple math. My question is, how did she come to that “3 week” guess in the first place? He was undernourished, so size doesn’t seem like a realistic measure. What gives a vet an idea of an unknown kitten’s age?

If I were to guess things like how the teeth are developed, appearance of genitalia, eye color - that stuff, am I close?

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Since I mentioned mine, here is a picture of one of them, Arthur.

Here: and here: is a list of kitten age-determiners. Sounds like your kitten had open blue eyes but teeth not all the way in yet, so 3 weeks.

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Thanks, that exactly describes him the first couple days. Within a day or two of getting him home, he was gorging on canned food but it was a week befofre his teeth could do any damage.

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Our vet said that the shelter where we got Katya got her age wrong. She said this as soon as she looked at Katya’s teeth, so I imagine that’s how she knew.

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