Vets - How long for an internaly injured dog to die.

How long would you expect a dog that recieves internal injuries to live, after an accident. My brother’s dog is kept in a pen at times, when he has to leave the house she died last night. The dog has enemies and can’t even go to the girl friends house. He was to the point where those neighbors wanted it dead, and they let him know that the next time the cops came out, it would cost $1,000. My brother’s house is also being shown to people, when he’s not home. The dog tries to go places it shouldn’t be, so it may have been jumping from the dog house roof to the fence top again. I had the dog for 5 days that ended 8 days ago, and can’t think of any particular accident at the time. Don’t internal injuries normaly kill a dog in less than 24 hours?

IANAV but I once had a dog struck by a car that died of internal bleeding in minutes. But “internal injuries” is not specific; I could imagine injuries (liver damage? collapsed lung?) that could cause an animal to linger on for days, weeks, or even months before dying from it. A vet probably could not answer your question without examining the animal.

Your description of what happened is confusing. You may want to read it over again. What kind of accident you think happened, and when? Are you wondering if something could have happened to the dog while you were taking care of it that caused it to die 8 days later (last night)?

^ I echo what CookingWithGas said. And IAAV.

Based on this I would be more inclined to suspect someone poisoned it unless there was some other previously undetected medical problem.

Definitely need to go back through that OP, couple odd parsing/punctuation situations that make it difficult to figure out what you mean.

You could always have your vet do a necropsy (animal autopsy) if you wanted, but what would that prove? Even if the dog was poisoned or injured by one of your neighbors, you couldn’t prove it. Law enforcement generally is not all that keen to investigate and prosecute animal murders.

Unless your neighbor openly confessed that they killed the animal, I doubt you could even get charges pressed against them. (And then it would be your word against theirs.) Even if they were found guilty, there likely would just be a fine.

It’s my brother’s dog, and all I heard was his vet said it had internal injuries. I wasn’t told anything specific, and he was too upset to be drilling. I’m just looking for a range of time, that is the most common for some internal tramas. I’ve known of two dogs, that died within 12 hours of bigger dog attacking them in therir owner’s yard. It was two incidents. I understand that their are exceptions to anything generalized.