Vets, Vet Techs, Beagle Owners?

I’m a wreck right now. We just learned that our eight year old beagle, Marge, has developed a heart murmur.

At first I was like, OH, ok, no marathons for her. And then the vet went on to say,

“There’s really nothing to be done about it. Just keep an eye on her. If she starts coughing, it means she’s in heart failure, and that can kill her. It could happen any time, tomorrow or three years from now.”

and then he cheerily released us into the real world. I switched her to a low salt, senior food and am cutting out people food and not letting her run around or get riled up.

I’m so scared I’m waking up three or four times a night to check and see if she’s alive, shaking her until she wakes up and gets mad at me.

Is it true that there’s nothing to be done? No pills, nothing? This is the worst news. I am literally beside myself, waiting around for my dog, my best friend to die. :frowning:

Get a second opinion. This cat needs to be worked up. It might need chest rads and possibly an ECG. There are meds that can help, including lasix and enaloplril. Good luck.

Sorry, I mean this dog needs to be worked up.

I am going to get her a work up, but I have to wait until payday on the fifteenth. I’m worried about her health from then until now. She was barking out the window yesterday and I was sure she was going to have a heart attack.

Good luck. The second opinion sounds like a good idea.

(I know how you feel. I’m taking my Lab in for cancer surgery in 90 minutes.)

Try not to lose too much sleep. The most likely diagnosis is mitral valve insufficiency. The mitral valve is the valve between the left atrium and the left ventrical. While this is serious, it is common and can usually be managed.