VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show"

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one watching this show. It’s been on for about three seasons I think. Personally I think it’s a great show. They have great guests, the three hosts are funny, and I like all of their segments. The only thing I think of kind of silly is when they talk about “the throw-down” as if an actual battle will be taking place.

Anyway, anybody else feeling love for the show? Or hate? Or meh, whatever?

I don’t watch television, but I was still kind of surprised to find that there’s a show about metal on the air that I hadn’t ever heard of.


I like Eddie Trunk; think, in fact, that he’s extremely erudite and eloquent when it comes to the genre of metal. What I don’t like about the show is the decision to saddle him with two meathead “comedian” co-hosts, because everybody knows that metal fans are all irretrievably stupid, right?

I just finished watching the Jamey Jasta episode, and I thought it was a really good show. Not great, but really good. I mean, I wouldn’t go get cable to be able to watch it, but I did bookmark the site so I can go watch more online.

I thought the hosts were okay. None of them really stood out much, and I couldn’t tell you their real names, but to me, there was Chubby Guy, Mr. Muttonchops, and The Other Guy. They all seemed to be real metalheads, and were appropriately enthusiastic. I liked the format for the Jasta interview; it was mostly just a conversation, rather than a hard question>answer>repeat kind of thing. I thought that Jamey seemed very relaxed, too. The whole thing was like what would happen if Jamey was sitting in my living room with me: a couple of headbangers talking about metal, with the band member fielding questions along the lines of “so what’s it like to be in a metal band?”

I liked that Jamey looked kind of sheepish talking about certain things on the new album, too. It’s like he knows that the “singing” on the album sucks ass (it does), and he knows that the guitar solos are something that are gonna make lots of people go “WHU?” but he had a good rationale for both things being on the album and he didn’t really try and defend them, just tossed out the reasoning he and the rest of the band went through.

All in all, very entertaining. I’ll watch more, so thanks for turning me on to this show.

I don’t see Don and Jim as stupid. They’re just a couple of wise guys cracking jokes and being sarcastic a lot. I find it kind of humorous myself.

You’re welcome.

Different strokes, for sure.

Like I said, I don’t hate it. I pretty much just find it not all that compelling, surprisingly (to me). Of course, I’d be happiest if it just had two hosts: Eddie and metal fan/geek supreme Chuck Klosterman. And they could have Chuck Eddy by every now and again as a Very Special Guest.

Wow, this would be cool to see! They’re both such ubergeeks about music, it would be fun to watch them have a nerd-tastic time.

I have been watching this since day one, as I’m a fan of Eddie Trunk. He is the lone proponent in the mainstream for this kind of music nowadays…

I watch it on an occasional basis - the other guys besides Trunk are fine for knuckleheads who know what they like. Trunk seems pretty solid - props for having **UFO’s Strangers in the Night **as his underrated hard rock/metal CD - I happen to love it as well…

I don’t feel the need to tape it at all, but it can be a diversion…

And I forgot: My Perfect Metal Show™ would feature regular uncensored musings from Mr. Metal Himself, ZØDIAC MOTHERFUCKER.

I really dig this show a lot. I’ve listened to Eddie Trunk for a decade and he really knows his stuff and it’s awesome that he has his own show.

And I do love Don and Jim, hilarious comedians. If you’ve never seen them live, I highly recommend it. If you’re in the NY/NJ area, they usually play there a lot.

In fact I did an interview with them about the show in December, definitely worth a read:

I really look forward to checking out my DVR-ed episodes of the new season tonight.

I was going to say that I never heard of Eddie Trunk until this show, but then I remembered that he was a VJ for VH1 Classic years ago.

As a teen I use to have some fundamentalist friends, and although they could never convince me that rock was evil (and they listened to it too) they pretty much had the mentality that anything harder than pop-metal probably was satanic, and I sort of bought into it and didn’t think of metal artists as people, but more as one dimensional thuggish characters.

After growing out of that and being able to appreciate metal artists as musicians and actual three dimensional people I found a new appreciation for metal in general (except for the really heavy groups where the singers sound like Nathan Explosion and they play like Dethklok only heavier and faster).

So part of the reason I like the show is I feel like I’m making up for some of what I missed out on because of my stupid stupid prejudices against metal.

One night, while coming home from a Mets game, I was listening to the Eddie Trunk radio show. He was interviewing Jim Breuer to promote a local stop on his comedy tour. In a great moment of metal-head meeting sports-fan radio, Mike Piazza joined them all after the game. I still think that the three of them would be a great line-up for a weekly radio show. Piazza & Breuer are huge fans of metal…in fact, everyone was a huge fan of each other (Breuer & Trunk are also Mets fans) and it was great stuff. Lots of metal talk, a touch of baseball, and lots of laughs.

I recently saw the Metal Show episode with Anvil, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I can live without the comedy guys most of the time, but Trunk is great.

LOVE this show. I tuned in one sleepless night with nothing else to watch and I’ve been hooked. Hubby and I are metalheads, more so back in the day with big, long hair, shredded jeans, etc. so this show kind of picks up where we left off when metal started to become less popular.

Eddie Trunk is extremely knowledgable, it’s fun to listen to how much of the trivia he actually knows. I think they either need to lengthen the show or knock off some of the “bits” to hear more of the musician interviews.

They did an interview with Duff McKagan once where they asked him something like what was his favorite item of clothing. Duff answered “My cashmere socks”. “That’s not very metal, is it?” “Who cares, these socks are AWESOME!”.

Yeah, the show feels a little short, and the interview part feels really short. But I worry that an hour would be too long, so yeah, maybe dump some of the bits. Well, actually I like most of them. Maybe get rid of the throwdown, or make it shorter. Definitely keep “Stump the Trunk” though.

That just means that the interviewers - in this case Eddie and the boys - have never toured in a rock band. It is common for even the most downtrodden bands to include a few pairs of clean socks in their gig riders because of how hard it is to get access to laundry facilities on the road when you are, in effect, working the night shift…so yeah, socks are actually VERY metal…:wink:

A club where I used to work had built in a 4 washer/4 dryer industrial strength laundry facility right next to the dressing rooms. Free soap and softener and dryer sheets. Bands loved to play at our place.