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While driving cross-state to see mom this past weekend, I heard a song on the car radio that I hadn’t heard in quite some time-- Mr. Big’s “To Be With You”-- and it got me wondering what in the heck happened to these jokers?

Specifically, what happened to that lead singer-- you know, in the video he’s wearing that Stevie Nicks-reject shirt oh-so-sexily unbuttoned past his pert nipples; his flowing, curly brown hair falling into his face as he smiles into the camera; those facial contortions as he emits the sounds of a castrati…

I remember that song came out when I was in junior high, and an MTV VJ introduced it by saying something like, “And here’s a video from Mr. Big…I’m pretty sure one of the members is the kid of MTV’s president.”

For years, I thought that one of the dudes in the band really was the son of MTV’s prez, until one day it dawned on me that the VJ was really saying that the band sucked, and that could be the only reason why their friggin’ video was in such heavy rotation.

Anywho, I figured I’d do a little research on this (I assumed) flash-in-th’-pan band, and post my findings here.

And so I present: Mr. Big: Where are they Now?

From the official Mr. Big site:

So what happened to the magic?

Many internal conflicts plagued the band since they first strummed their guitars together in 1989. Original guitarist Paul Gilbert quit the band in 1996. The remaining members recruited good friend Richie Kotzen to take his place.

The band recorded a total of 17 albums, including one “Best Of.” And, yes, much to my surprise, that album actually had more than one song on it.

My favorite album title of Mr. Big’s would have to be “Japandemonium: Raw Sushi 3,” a live album, which I can only assume was recorded in Japan.

And speaking of Japan, it would seem Nipponese rock fans are feeling the breakup of Mr. Big more than their western counterparts.

From what I gathered, Mr. Big was pretty big in the Land of the Rising Sun. They recorded two “Raw Sushi” albums prior to that landmark release of “Raw Sushi 3,” their greatest hits album, “Big, Bigger, Biggest” concludes with the not-so-greatest hit, “I Love You Japan,” and in 1992 the boys wowed the fans in Tokyo by singing about a “Woman From Tokyo.”

And lead singer Eric Martin? Well, he has cut his hair since recording the video for “To Be With You,” and is now a well-respected solo artist.

Wait, I can’t say that with a straight face. Martin himself even wonders if he has any fans left.

“Umm… do I still have any fans?.. hahahaha… No I’m sure I do…,” Martin deadpanned in a recent interview.

He is, however, putting out solo albums. In fact, he’s put out two since splitting from Mr. Big: “I’m Going Sane” and “Pure.” They’re outrageously priced, and available at Tower Records’ website.

And with that, this concludes this installment of “SDMB’s VH1’s Where Are They Now?”

So what bands/artists have you wondered about? I invite you to produce an installment, or just toss out a name. Lendervedder Productions will consider any requests for upcoming episodes.

At the moment, one-time Elton John duet partner Kiki Dee is on my mind…


Could you let us know what Aussie Rick Springfield is up to these days?

What about Henry Gross of “Shannon” fame?
The Climax Blues Band?
Whoever recorded that “White Horse” song from the early 80s?
Where are the members of Slade?
How about the guy who recorded “Shake It Like A White Girl”?

That’s a big 10-4, but first things first, my feather-haired friend…

First, Kiki Dee: Where are They Now?

Just who is Kiki Dee? you may ask.

From www.KikiDee.info:

Funny, I only know Kiki from when Kiki teamed up with Elton John to sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Born Pauline Matthews, the artist we now know as Kiki was almost “Kinky Dee,” but when that was suggested early on in her career, she vetoed it in favor of Kiki.

Kiki’s first recording came in 1963, with the 7"-single entitled “Early Night.” “Lucky High Heels” was the B-Side to this monumental release.

Fast forward 13 years, she finally gets around to recording something I’ve heard of: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” a duet, as I mentioned before, with the Bitch hisself, Sir Elton John.

Blah, blah, blah, more recordings…Elton John…Live Aid…blah, blah, blah.

Then, in 1993, Kiki hit the recording studio with old-timey friend Elton John again, for his album “Duets.”

In 1994, she recorded backing vocals on “The Lion King” soundtrack. She’s credited with backing vocals on a lot of other people’s albums, from long-lost country singer Carlene Carter to some Swedish dude.

She’s done musical theater, and some film acting, as well. She seems to go on tour across Europe quite a bit, so maybe the reason I’ve heard so little about her is that I’m not European. Could she be the Steve Miller of Europe? Do Europeans know who Steve Miller is?

In 1995, Kiki released an album called “Almost Naked,” which really has no significance beyond the fact that the title contains the word ‘naked’ and it caused me to click on the album art to see how ‘naked’ she ‘almost’ was.

If you ask me, ‘almost naked’ isn’t a very accurate title, as the woman appears to betotally nude on the album cover. (Note to mods: Kiki’s good parts are hidden from view.)

The other thing that grabbed me about this album was the song “Miss Punta Blanca.” Now my Spanish ain’t so hot, but I think punta means “whore” in Spanish. Or maybe “lace.” But it’s the possibility that it means ‘whore’ that caught my fancy, not ‘lace.’

Right now Kiki’s working with guitarist Carmelo Luggeri-- touring, recording, the whole nine yards. She doesn’t have a record deal, but says she’s happier that way, without a record label “breathing down her neck.”


Can’t you let sleeping dogs lie?

(how about giving sleeping dogs lye?)

Never kiss an animal that can lick its own butt.

If they got what they deserved, they would’ve been run over by their tour bus. As for Eric Martin, all I can say is he’d better stay out of prison. He be somebody’s bitch in five minutes or less.

And on a side note, Mr. Big released 17 albums?! There is no justice in the world. None!

Puta is whore, punta is point…like Punta Gorda. But I don’t get Miss White Point, I don’t get the White Stripe, either. But that will be next weeks installment of WATN

Where’s the Rick Springfield update, Happy?

  • Bubba.

*Originally posted by widdershins *
Where are the members of Slade?

lead singer of Slade Noddy Holder appears on British TV quite regularly on game/chat shows, and pops up now and again in bit parts in various drama and comedy shows.
I think, but im not sure Dave Hill the guitarist produces, and may even still be touring again. the other 2 where touring round as slade II a few years back. theyre probably massive on european tour circuit.
speaking of mr.big, what happened to Nelson and Extreme? i seem to remember them from the same crappy era of poprock…

See http://www.rickspringfield.com/

Tony Barber’s Underwear, as info, Rick Springfield performed at City Stages in Birmingham, Alabama last weekend (May 18, 2003). So he’s still doing some gigs.

I didn’t go, but I wish I had. I would have liked to hear “Human Touch” again. Rick could sing some good 80s rock.

I was never a Rick Springfield fan, but when reading through thelist of songs on a greatest hits collection of his in a music catalog I get I was shocked that I recognized seven of the the titles and could vaguely recall the melody and chorus to most of those! I was only even moderately fond of one of his songs, what am I doing remebering that many of them?

Thanks for the info on Slade, they were a guilty pleasure of mine during their minor success in the US in the early 80s, and I became aware of their earlier massive popularity overseas only later.

Nelson played in concert in my area about two years ago as one of the “celebrity guests” in our annual Trail Of Tears motorcycle ride. Along with Branscombe Richmond, a co-star in the Lorenzo Lamas TV show Renegade, they were the biggest “name” act to appear.

I was in high school when that song was released, and I always thought it was kinda catchy. After hearing the rest of their album (1991’s Lean Into It), I found out that none of the other songs were catchy. But hey, at least they weren’t part of the “Look at me: I’m depressed like everyone else! And I dress worse!” crowd coming from Seattle.

Good Lord, the 90s was full of bad music. Especially if I found a Mr. Big song to be catchy…

Oh, and to keep with the OP: where’s Pearl Jam these days? I know the lead singer was just arrested, but are they together as a group anymore? And why did they tumble from the top?

And Nine Inch Nails? Where’s that guy at?

I was inspired to go looking for It’s a Beautiful Day. Here are sites that provide information. I won’t bore the rest of you (who never heard of or don’t care) with the gory details of a talented band that foundered on the rocks of greed and ego.


Uh… OK, you are posting from Mountains of Ignorance, but still.

Pearl Jam have been consistently releasing reasonably selling albums since 1991. Their latest, Riot Act was released last year and debuted at #5 on the Billboard chart. It is their seventh album of original music. You may have heard that they are releasing every live show of theirs through their website to discourage bootleggers.

They don’t have the same astronomical success that they did in the early nineties, partly because they purposefully sought a lower profile - less promotion etc - and, admittedly, partly because their newer stuff isn’t as consistently good.

They toured Australia earlier this year, including three shows in Sydney at the Entertainment centre (large venue). All three sold out, the first in ten minutes (I went to two of the three).

Next, would you like me to tell you what happened to those U2 guys? Or maybe you’re wondering what Eminem is doing nowadays?

I do my best, don’tcha’ know… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think not knowing about Pearl Jam’s fate is somewhat excusable. Admittedly, I don’t listen much to current music anymore, but when I do pass Top 40 and other “popular” formats across the radio band, I don’t ever hear new Pearl Jam. Mostly, if the schedule for the day calls for a bit of 90s nostalgia, I may catch either Even Flow or Jeremy, but that’s about it.

And, frankly, consistently releasing reasonably selling albums doesn’t mean much; heck Neil Diamond’s been releasing reasonably selling albums for years and I can’t think of any tune more recent than those from his original Greatest Hits packages. In addition, his concerts are frequently sold out–at least they are here in the Midwest of the USA.

Besides, U2 and Eminem (no matter whose interpretation of “talent” you go by) stay in the news for more reasons than just the quality or sales of their music. So, while I don’t listen to them, either, I think it’s pretty easy to keep up with 'em without actively searching them out.

Nah, but as an alternative, maybe you could tell me when he’s going to go away? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL Gex Gex!

I’ve got a good one to add to the list. :wink:

Where Are They Now?- Syd Barrett

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

From Mr. Diamond’s site: Neil was the #1 top solo concert artist of the 1990’s, ranked by gross earnings, according to Amusement Business Magazine.

I’ll bet it means a lot to Neil, financially speaking anyway.

That would be Laid Back a Denmark based duo.