Vibrating wristwatch alarm-- do they work?

My husband gets up at 4:30am. I get up at 7am. I’m the type of person who, once awakened, esp. by a loud noise, has trouble getting back to sleep. As you can imagine, our schedule conflict here is causing some distress. We’re thinking a a wristwatch with a vibrating alarm might be the way to go.

Thing is, of course my husband is a deep sleeper who tends to ignore alarms unless they’re pretty hard to ignore.

My question is, has anyone (deep sleepers especially) used a vibrating wristwatch to wake up? Is it effective? Do you have a specific one you’d recommend? We’ve found some on eBay that vary widely in price. He doesn’t want to use a pillow vibrating alarm because he winds up not on the pillow half the time, so that wouldn’t work.

Thanks for any experiences you’ve had with these.

Nope never tried those vibrating alarms. I was thinking maybe one of you folks could wear ear plugs? But then I wondered how you’d wake up, unless those sunrise simulator alarm clocks works for you like this one: Bloody expensive though.