Vibrators and "unexplained" calf pain

Why is it that vibrators usually seem to come with the warning “Do not use on unexplained calf pain”?

Now, the vibrators I’m thinking of are usually designed to be used on a different part of the body entirely, so, why the warning? Why does it matter if the calf pain is “unexplained” or not? If you go to the doctor with calf pain, does he give you the go-ahead to use vibrators on it once he’s explained what’s wrong? (Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?) Why is calf pain so special? Is it safe to use a vibrator on unexplained pains in other parts of the body? What would happen if you did use a vibrator on your unexplained calf pain? Would death be imminent?

Vibrators can be used as massagers. Massagers can be used as vibrators.

Calf pain can be a sign of a blood clot/deep vein thrombosis. If you massage a clot it can dislodge in a big chunk which then can then float off and lodge in a blood vessel in the heart or brain, leading to death or permanant injury.

The dislodged clots Blake is referring to are called “deep vein thromboses” and if they break off, they generally travel thru the right heart to the lung where they become pulmonary emboli and can be quite quickly fatal. They travel to the brain only if there is a hole in the heart or an arterio-venous malformation which allows them to move to the arterial circulatory system without going thru the lungs.