Vicious Dog in Condo

So my neighbors have a pit mix that is an absolute nuisance. It has attacked my dog twice, one time resulting in 14 stitches. There have been some other minor incidents too. It is so vicious if I see it outside, even with the muzzle, I wait til they are gone. My dog is scared to death at the site of him.

Our HOA board, which I am president of, decided he could keep the dog only if it was muzzled at all times when outside. The owners adhered to this until this Saturday. We are having some work done outside and the dog was not muzzled and bit the foreman’s hand. The man ended up with multiple stitches in his hand and could end up with possible nerve damage.

We have acted, but I am curious how others would have proceeded.

Oh, that dog’s gotta go. I am surprised it hasn’t been done before, he is obviously a known biter. I hate it because it’s really not the dogs fault. Too bad owners cannot be punished more. I am sorry for the workers hand. I just had a bad hand bite. Its not fun.

Yes, it should have been removed before. I agree it’s not the dog’s fault. The owners are to blame.

Are they required to have homeowners insurance? If so, and if you know the insurance company, I would notify them.

Has the bitten foreman sued yet?

Insurance info

Every owner has an individual policy for the interior. And then we have an association policy for the outside building.

The man who was bitten and the president of the company say they don’t want to sue, but obviously that could change. Especially since we don’t know the extent of the injury.

Thanks for link. Reading now.

Fi the dog attacked a human the police should be called, full stop.

If I were the bitten guy, my first move (after filing a police report) would be notifying my disability insurance provider. I would provide them with all the details along with my plan to not work until I was fully recovered.

I’d let them go after the dog’s owner, and I’m sure they would.

I find this as hard to believe as the concept that all human sociopaths are the fault of their parents.

A parent could not keep their child locked up 24/7, nor have their child killed if deemed too dangerous. A pet owner doesn’t have the same constraints.

When this happens, don’t you call the dog catcher or whatever? A dog can attack another dog to the point of needing 14 stitches with no repercussions?

Well there were repercussions. Me and the other board members allowed him to keep the dog provided it was muzzled anytime outside. In retrospect, that was not harsh enough.

Do you think dogs or other animals can be sociopathic? I am not so sure.

I have personal knowledge of a bad dog. The owners hoped to show him and use him for stud, but he was uncontrollable. They did not abuse the dog and they tried everything suggested to train him. When the dog attacked the husband, they knew they had to have the dog put down.

Their next dog, same breed, was a big old goof who, unfortunately, they were unable to show because one of his ears didn’t meet breed standards. Instead, he was a beloved family pet, and they pretty much gave up on the idea of having a show dog.

Granted my anecdote isn’t any kind of scientific proof, but sometimes it is the dog, not the owners.

We can get into a semantic tangle here, but IMHO dogs functionally have no independent agency. It is NOT always the owner’s fault, however it is our collective fault as humans for breeding for certain traits. The result can unexpected negatives like overly aggressive or shy-sharp animals that will bite no matter what the owner tries to do.

So while owners must always accept ultimate responsibility, it isn’t always directly their fault. The way I look at things it also can’t be the dogs fault - they simply can’t reason( enough ). Sometimes it is nobody’s fault. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences - antisocial dogs cannot be tolerated unless carefully controlled( if then ).

Why should this be a HOA matter? If the first attack(s) were reported to the police, then there would be no choice in the matter based upon your town/state laws. The dog may have to be put down now if a known dangerous dog continues to attack.

No attack previously was reported to police. The HOA handled it, badly perhaps.

I would have:
A) Called the authorities after each bite incident, as an HOA I would have mandated obedience training after incident 1
B) Imposed the HOA “must be muzzled” rule after the 2nd incident - if not the first, depending on severity and the circumstances around the “other minor incidents” and compliance with the training requirement
C) Insisted that the dog be put down after incident #3

Thank you, very helpful.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. The damage is done. Dog has got to go. If that dog mauls a kid someone is gonna sue the HOA. It’s a ticking time bomb.

Totally agree. And we are taking steps now.