Vicious Dogs might escape leashes

I do a great deal of walking

Sometimes people pass me walking their dogs – one or two at a time ON A LEASH –

yet the dog(s) are so vicious and snarling and just charging against the leash with ALL THEIR MIGHT


It has happenned several times and early this morning came to a head

a woman - not a very large woman - had two medium dogs on a leash – they were STRAINING - SNARLING - barking vehemently - WILDLY CHARGING and this not-that-big-of-a-woman was STRUGGLING BADLY to hold her dogs

I am on my own street 100 feet from my house

is it just OKAY with Dog Owners that their vicious dog makes an innocent neighbor go into a mode where they realize they will be in a serious fight with dog(s) should the hold on the leash be let go of somehow?

all day I have been thinking about weapons – a pistol as I walk – it would not be effective unless out, up, aimed and ready to fire as soon as one saw a snarling dog straining against a leash

we are talking a distance about twelve feet max as you pass a neighbor on the street with their dogs which they are STRAI NING to maintain a hold on the leash

not enough time - should the leash slip - to unholster, ready, aim, and fire – you’d have to be ready from the moment the dog exhibited aggressive behaviour such as straining at his leash, snarling, barking furiously – which means you would draw a bead on the vicious dog as it is within a couple of feet of its owner; and I dont know how legal that is

a bowie knife - same thing - I would not want it in its sheath “until it’s too late”

a walking stick – a can of mace – limited effectiveness; I would want something INSTANTLY LETHAL if I felt a dog-attack imminent

but then I thought “what type of weapon I have TO CARRY – THAT’S NOT THE ANSWER!”

The answer is for the Dog Owner to NOT HAVE THAT DOG ON A PUBLIC STREET



if the dog has the viciousness to strain with all its might AGAINST A LEASH to attack an innocent human minding their own business, walking down their own street

Or at least that’s what I think – local Animal Control will be open Monday for me to get further guidance

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I’m not what you call an animal lover by any means but I think an outright ban on dogs in public is a bit harsh. If an individual dog looks to be a danger go ahead and report it (of course I don’t expect anything to happen until there is an attack but it may help something if there is a previous record of complaints) but banning all dogs is overkill as a solution.

Move someplace that has open carry, buy a shotgun, and hire a good lawyer.

My stupid chihuahua does the same thing but he is not a threat because of his size. No quarantee but about 90% of these vicious leash dogs will suddenly become less vicious if the leash is let go. A vicious dog can be very dangerous. If you feel she doesn’t have good control maybe try politley addressing it with her.

Maybe you should stop going for walks with all that bacon in your pocket.

Maybe all dogs with the capacity to kill or seriously injure people should be muzzled when in public areas.

One thing you can do is carry pepper spray (note that some states and counties require a license), or better yet carry bear spray which will quickly turn away any large animal that is rushing towards you.

I carry a .457 revolver on my hip so I’m not too worried about it myself

Most dogs, most of the time, have no interest in attacking humans. Dogs rather like humans. Some dogs will attack if they are trained attack dogs and are ordered to do so by their handler. Some will attack if you intrude into territory that they consider themselves to be guarding, such as their master’s home. However, it is very unlikely that a dog being being walked on a leash has any interest in attacking you. It may want to get free of its leash, and so be straining at it, but that has nothing to do with you. If it actually got off the leash it would either run away or (more likely) stop and sniff something. In the unlikely event that it comes to you, it is probably trying to be friendly.

The problem here is not the dogs, or their owners, but your apparent phobia of dogs.

When I was a canvasser, I defended myself against dozens of dog with nothing more than a CLIPBOARD, you just keep your fingers back and hold it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE.

You might also think about USING NUNCHUCKS.

We’re supposed to post like a RANSOM NOTE, right?

No, njtt, The problem is the dogs and their owners

I have no phobia of dogs, and if attacked by one – the outcome is well-known to me – I would maybe suffer bleeding and skin-wounds to hands and arms

but the dog would have a broken neck, and be quite dead even if I had no weapon whatsoever

so - again - I ask; it is OKAY with yall for a dog-owner to have a dog this vicious - even on a leash - and the dogs “interest in attacking humans” is not open to question - it is quite obvious

definitely wants to attck if it breaks free of that leash

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Edit: And I would suggest that it’s not so much the dog wants to attack you but rather wants to protect his owner and believes that due to your proximity, you are threatening the owner. Said dog is poorly-trained, but keeping it away from other people all the time will hardly improve that situation.

I’m serious, dude, get a shield; trash can lid, pizza pan, cookie sheet, whatever. Hold it in front of their face and you’re good.

I never advocated an “outright ban on dogs in public”

I’m pretty astonished by many responses here…

I do not see where


need to “alter my lifestyle”

due to the irresponsibilities of dog owners…

I carry nothing but a cell phone – I think I will FILM the dog’s ferociousness and call 911 and say “vicious dog at --address” and the dog owner can either wait and we’ll talk to police together right then and there – or else the dog owner can be caught up with later by police

I dont understand these calls for a “Forum Change” – dunno where this thread SHOULD BE or not…

there is nothing in my actions that could POSSIBLY be construed as “threatening the owner” in any cases of the dogs straining at their leashes to attack me – I am merely WALKING DOWN THE STREET IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD - the opposite way that the dog and owner are coming from

why the assumption that I am “threatening the owner”

who has a phobia?

Walking a dog on a leash is not irresponsible.

I’m suggesting that it be moved from “General Questions” to “In My Humble Opinion” as people are giving their suggestions and opinions on the matter, rather than factual responses.

Second, re-read my post. I stated that perhaps the dog believes that your presence threatens the owner. Nowhere did I state that you are actually threatening anyone. (But perhaps if your real-life reactions match your overreaction to simple, straightforward words, you may wish to re-examine your behavior around dogs too, to make sure you aren’t first acting in ways that dogs perceive to be hostile, thus setting off their hostile reactions.)

a dog on a leash who STRAINS WITH ALL ITS MIGHT To get loose with AN OBVIOUS INTENT TO ATTACK an innocent human

is indeed irresponsible behavior on the part of the dog owner

the woman this morning BARELY CONTAINED her 2 dogs – barely was able to KEEP them on a leash –

it is the BEHAVIOR of the dogs who SEEK TO ESCAPE the leash that I am addressing here

not whether the woman does or does not have that one ounce of strength to keep hold of the leash

to walk dogs that HAVE THAT BEHAVIOR is irresponsible

or the one guy with his huge Doberman that also charges at his leash every time the man walks his dog past - this dude is a strong guy, ostensibly, and the issue is NOT whether he can or cannot finally be able to keep the dog on the leash –

the issue is that an IRREPSONSIBLE DOG OWNER allows a vicious dog to strain against its leash GIVING AT A MERE MINIUMUM THE


causing another neighbor the concern of imminent attack

if I drive a car and cause another driver to have to take EVASIVE ACTION for any reason; I’m at fault

should a dog owner whose dog’s actions cause me to have to take evasive actions not be at fault?

How many times have you been bitten by a dog?

The thing is, Jacques Chitte, I don’t believe your assessment of how vicious the dogs are. It’s very clear that you’re embellishing or overstating how they behave, although I can’t tell how much.

So I agree with njtt that the problem is most likely with you, not the dogs.

"you may wish to re-examine your behavior around dogs too, to make sure you aren’t first acting in ways that dogs perceive to be hostile, thus setting off their hostile reactions.) "

I see.

And victims of Rape should re-evaluate their actions to see where THEY ASKED FOR IT – is that it?

I have provoked the dogs somehow…

it’s my fault