Vicks in My Corned Beef.

Tonight my father and I were eating at a local Polish restaurant. Mostly older people go there. But it is a very nice place. Nice atmosphere, nice food, etc. I was eating a plate of corned beef. As usual it was par excellent, just like I expected it to be. But as I came to the end of the pile I noticed one of the pieces tasted like Vicks medicated rub! There probably wasn’t too much on it, but the taste was unmistakeable. I told my father, and he didn’t know what to say.

As I’ve said, I have always found this to be an excellent place, and it will remain nameless of course. But how does a piece of food in a restaurant get Vicks on it? The only thing I can think of is maybe one of the food preparers had Vicks on some part of his body and rubbed against it.

So I’m basically looking for answers here. Does anyone else have any ideas how Vicks could have gotten on my food in this very nice restaurant?

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

Perhaps your beef had a stuffy nose?

If it was really thinly sliced I would guess one of the kitchen staff, suffering from a cold, couldn’t find a tissue so blew their nose on a handy slice of corned beef. They probably put it aside but then someone else grabbed it to complete your serve for plating. Poor kitchen hygiene though, whenever I blow my nose on a slice of ham or pastrami it goes **straight ** in the bin.

Eurrgghhh. I would think a slice of meat would leave your nose feeling even worse.

No they are nice and moist unlike tissues.

Maybe they rubbed the Vicks on it to get rid of the odor of KY jelly?

You said mostly older people go there. Maybe you just got a strong whiff from another patron?

I took your initial reply as a joke. You honestly have used slices of meat as a tissue?

Flour tortillas hold together better.

Spinach or kale works well if you’re vegan.